I may exaggerate a little but not much.................

…and the fact that these points after ten games are mostly true is a severe judgement of this program.

  1. Please name the opponent this year whose receivers and defensive backs had less speed than we have. Both Florida A&M and Coastal Carolina had more speed at the skill positions than us.

  2. Now, name the opponent whose center could not block our nose tackle one-on-one. The true freshman for Coastal held his own most of the game. Did our nose tackle have any sacks or hurries against the Florida A&M QB?

  3. Now, when they were blocking without help, name an opponent whose outside rushers did not beat all of our offensive tackles numerous times while rushing our passer.

  4. When we started the season with a true freshman walk-on (whose only D-1 scholarship offer was from Tulsa) having beat out all of our returning much higher rated recruits and much more experienced and seasoned players to start at right guard, that should have screamed to the world this program might be in big trouble. We all just hoped and prayed he was the next J.J. Watt that everyone but our coaches overlooked. When TCU and A&M destroyed him repeatedly, we should have known this season was in big trouble.

I like Bret, wish him success wherever he goes, but he needs to go now. JMVVVVVVHO.

I don’t know what has happened, but for whatever reason we seem to be getting beat in so many places. I like CBB, too. I like him a lot. Unfortunately, for whatever reason he’s allowed this to happen. It wasn’t much better last year. The last two games last year were omens. I didn’t read them as omens, but they were.

Regarding Point 2, nose guards are not supposed to be providing pass rush. They’re there to clog up the middle. Alabama’s top two nose guards (one of whom is Josh Frazier from Springdale) have a combined total of one sack and 7 hurries. For the entire season. Our NGs have 2.5 sacks for the season and 1 hurry. Saban’s not asking his NGs to get to the passer. Neither is Rhoads. So I can’t see criticizing them for that.

Point 3: New Mexico State didn’t have a sack.

I really wanted CBB to succeed for a lot of reasons beyond wins/losses… it’s a collapse on so many fronts I’m actually in a state of shock about my own ability to evaluate what a coach should or can be for the Hogs. I feel like a failed fan at this point and don’t even know why.

Point 2 - Maybe I should have said “required two blockers to control”. The basic point is we are weak at nose tackle even against a true freshman at Coastal Carolina

Point 3 - If we did block New Mexico State’s outside pass rush one-on-one with our tackles, isn’t that kind of like pointing out how straight the deck chairs were arranged as the Titanic sinks into the ocean? Just a little?!?!?!

You asked a question, I answered it. No one would contend that our offensive line has been adequate in pass protection. Our run blocking actually isn’t horrible; we’re top 50 nationally in rushing despite being behind in most games and thus having to throw. But 114th in sacks allowed is horrible. Not the worst in the SEC (Florida gets that award), but really, really bad.