I may be overly optimistic, but me thinks that

the Hogs are getting commitments from potentially some of the best defensive players we’ve ever had committed (even verbally). I also think you win with kick-ass defense and a decent offense. The Chief is pissed about people saying he’s finished and he is going to transform Arkansas into a mean bunch of junkyard Hogs!

totally agree,we are getting some playmakers in here and that’s exciting! hopefully get some TO’s to set up this offense.

I like what I see. Defensive linemen of utmost importance. We need 3 good years like the one we’re having so far this year. Build a real 2 deep of very good players. It going to take a while, but we might not be as bad as a lot of pundants think. Offensive line next. We’re always going to get good receivers w this staff. Develop qbs, I’m more positive after this last batch of commits. Keep it up.

We will have 12 scholarship DL coming back for 2019 assuming no attrition- I don’t count Sosa in that group because he has always said he’s gone after three years. Five of those guys would be seniors.

We’ve got 4 DEs and a DT committed right now. If we don’t add any more to that number that would be 17 guys for the four spots for the 2019 season. That might be about one body short of optimal, but because of other needs/wants we might need to make do with that number.

Given the probable number of senior DL in 2019, and the very real chance of some attrition, we are going to need to sign at least as many DL in 2019-20 as we are in the current class, maybe more.

So while the DL commitments for this class are a big plus so far, it’s just as encouraging to me to see what they are doing with the rising juniors.

need elite recruiting on OL like we’re letting from Caldwell/Chief

Chavis and Caldwell are pulling in some very good talent on D. Many of us feel that we would have a couple more games last year if the defense was just a tad better. I think this year’s defense will attract even better players next year. My gut says that Pulley coming back, Kurl and Calloway performing well after being thrown into the fire will equal less 10 yard cushions and create more coverage sacks. CM’s Texas Legend and Texas connections are amazing but people forget the connections CM has in the SE US while he was at CLEMSON. Traylor is almost an equal legend in Texas too. The quality of the recent commitments has created a buzz about us so we should get interest from better players from this point on. Today’s kids have not known a GOOD Hog FB team since 2011 when they were in 5th grade.