I made the mistake of reading _ally this morning

And he addressed the UA,F stuff. Threw in a new justification/excuse that I had not seen before (and it’s still bogus): That the location of the campus needs to be clarified in every story because the ADG is read all over the world online.

Yeah, right. :roll:

Geez! Probably 90% of all the sports articles in that pathetic on-line newspaper that are referring to the U of A begin with “FAYETTEVILLE:”. I guess everyone in the “world” would ignore that name in caps and bold print. Or, maybe the geniuses at the rag assume everyone would think the city’s name in caps was referring to Fayetteville, NC.

It’s all BS! It’s being done just so they can get their “digs in” at the University of Arkansas!

If Wally’s assessment is honest, why is it that the reference is put in almost every single article about the Hogs and in the most obnoxious areas that it’s not needed? A headline will be “Hogs Clip Bama in Baseball” or something similar and the first few paragraphs will have a description of the game from Fayetteville with references to Dave Van Horn and all of sudden in about the fifth paragraph here comes the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. It looks so ridiculous as the Dem/Gaz continues to assert it’s power over the subscribers with it’s new found method of irritating most readers. This reminds me of the PC crowd in that perhaps one reader out of 10,000 may not be absolutely certain that a sports story talking about the Razorbacks is a campus located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Fayetteville reference takes care of the one reader while irritating 9,999 Hog fans that pay for and read this stuff every day.

If that were the case, then all articles in the ADG would have references like that. For some reason, only the articles on the sports page (or in the sports section) use the Fayetteville qualifier.

I call BOGUS.

If the Demozette is so concerned its readers know where a school is located…why do they not identify a school such as the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa? The average Demozette reader knows where the University of Arkansas is, but may not know the location of another college in the SEC or another NCAA institution. Therefore, it is more likely a reader would not know the location of a school outside of the state of Arkansas. Yet, the paper does not identify the location of any school, except the University of Arkansas. This excuse is so pitiful and so lame it is an insult to subscribers and readers of the paper.

Thank God for the internet where we can go get our fake news a day early.

I called Kathy at the Hawgs Illustrated office today and asked her to drop my “automatic” renewal notice for August 5th, and to just send me a renewal notice before the 5th. I told her the reason I asked for this was that if the Dem-Gazette was still forcing the Arkansas, “Fayetteville” insertion in virtually every on-line sports article not written by Clay or Dudley, I would not be renewing. I’ve been an annual paying member of HI for 18 or 19 years, but now the Dem-Gazette is getting my $100. Renewal is just not an option for me if, by the end of July, they’re still taking these “shots” at the U of A.

Kathy, as always, was very nice and understanding. I asked her if she could see to it that the proper people at the paper knew exactly what and why I am doing this. She said she would make certain they know about it.

I will really miss Clay’s and Dudley’s information and articles. My hope is that they will indeed refrain from inserting University of Arkansas, “Fayetteville” in their articles, at least by the end of July, so I can renew and stay on this great site. However, I’ve previously e-mailed them to no avail, so I’m not “holding my breath” that this will make any difference.

The HI stories don’t have it. The ADG ones do. The ADG wanted to gig and irritate Hog fans. It has worked.

It’s all about the Fayetteville vs. Little Rock thing, and nothing else. But Wally’s never been shy about lying.

Wally had nothing to do with the UA-Fayetteville decision. Zero.

That’s not the point of the post, Richard. Wally might have had nothing to do with the decision, but it’s obvious he’s lying about the reasons for it. Either that or someone lied to him & he can’t figure how stupid the explanation is.

I’m sure that was part of the explanation to him.

Arkansas State in the articles, not Arkansas State at Jonesboro? Saw this in a track article.