I’m Worried About our Defense…

Nope and that will have to be corrected, you would think that they know you cannot allow a free release off the Los surely they are not being taught that so that will certainly be addressed

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Was it the same shoulder that was injured last year? When I dislocated my shoulder and tore my rotator cuff it was exactly as you describe. Diving on the floor with my arm extended and sort of landed on top of the basketball up near my armpit, popped the shoulder right out. It seems like if Catalons shoulder was dislocated he would have been spotted with his arm dangling limp and trainers trying to pop it back in place. Was he caught on camera walking over to the injury tent?

It was his right shoulder and I think that’s the same one he hurt last year. This to me looks like a dislocation or hyperextension type of deal he did not have a sling on at the end of the game and was walking around talking so I just have to think he will be okay based on the play now that I have seen it. He was never shown walking to the tent he did have a sling on it but at the end of the game it was off and he was walking around like nothing was wrong


Our offense has some things to clean up, for sure, but they seem capable of being a dangerous, high scoring O.

And they may need to be. Im just not sure we have the corners or DL to be a dangerous defense.

Did drew sanders miss tackles like that last year? That was the most surprising part of the game to me, even more fhan KJ throwing the ball in the dirt again and again. Surely he can play better.

Very interested to see what our coaches and players can do in week 2. And hope our secondary is healthy. I felt SO BAD for catalon!



Not a lot of information to go on. But based on the sling coming off shortly after the injury i would guess it’s a dislocation, the pain mostly goes away as soon as you pop it back in place. The sling doesn’t do much. They make a brace that restricts your arm from moving above shoulder height that offers some protection from dislocating it again but it is awfully annoying to wear with the restricted range of motion. I’m curious if he had surgery last year

Yeah he had surgery last year pretty soon after he was injured.

He wasn’t on the line of scrimmage. Which made it worse actually.

In all fairness, the statistics that I saw showed better than a 67% completion percentage (to receivers, not the ground). The yardage should increase when we “unleash” the deep receivers.

Bishop has been torched his entire career. Have no idea how he still sees the field.

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Great analysis youdaman.

I went back and watched too and came to a similar conclusion. Just judging by his demeanor alone, I would say it might not be too serious. Let’s hope anyway.


The concern with Catalon is that the initial injury last year makes him prone to reoccurring issues. Like Saturday. It was a no-contact injury, which makes me concerned about it returning again. Restricting the shoulder certainly limits the injury potential, but also limits the play-making potential.

We rarely played zone Saturday, and almost always rushed four, if not more. Sometimes, the man coverage broke down because of the DL not getting into the pocket. Some, as noted, were technique gaffes. Obviously, the staff is not going to purposefully coach a gaffe - and, if they spot positional technique pre-snap they can yell an adjustment. We seem to not employ press coverage (tough if you don’t have an NFL CB) but often have a halfway scheme - not press (ie, right on the LOS) and not “back” at an 8-10 yard separation. That would seem to create some pressure for the DB to not get fooled on a stutter step off the LOS by the WR. I am not a coach, though, so I’m not sure what creates that issue.

There was one run to the Cincy sideline, moving north, where the DB got sucked in to the corner of the tackle box and the RB kicked it outside for a nice long gain. That was the one gaffe I saw. In the 4th quarter, our half of the field, both LBs blitzed late but didn’t get to the pocket before the QB read a TE seam route and barely lofted the ball over the out-stretched arms of the LBs. One of the few throws in the middle of the field for either team that I recall. Some QBs will hit that easily; others will throw an INT because of the long arms of our LB corps.

I like how they moved Drew Sanders (and, later, Jordan Crooks) around, sometimes taking them to a standup end, almost a 5-1-5 scheme. Getting playmakers in space is a valuable tactic.

I initially thought we didn’t have a good DL performance. After watching the game on TV (after seeing it live in RRS first), I think they did better with pass rush than run defense. I have to remind myself that the DL the first two years were supposed to take on the blockers and free up the LBs. If still the same, they did their job, despite not necessarily being in the backfield on run plays. The DEs seemed to have a better push than last year. Possibly, the DTs were commanding an extra blocker in the pocket, freeing up the DEs. Not sure I know that without someone pointing out the particulars to me.

Funny this is if you go back and watch the game, the 2nd team DL controlled things better than the first team. Hampton got more push than any one on the interior. Ball has potential to greatly improve as the season goes on. Gregory looked solid. If Hampton stays healthy I hope he plays more

Hampton is gonna play more. That is obvious. To quote the Henry’s…he has some twitch for an interior guy. I knew Domineck would be a pass rushing force. He sure made a play at the right time.

I really loved that at the exact time the ESPN PxP guy said Arkansas didn’t have a classic pass rusher that Domineck abused the left tackle and came up with the play of the game.


He knocked the ball out and recovered it. That takes athleticism.

As well as it should. He got routinely beat, played poor fundamentals and I believe only made one tackle.
UA…Campus of Champions

I was watching Sanders a lot and it look to me that he was actually a bit nervous; 1st game , with us, jitters?? I look for a great leap forward from him the next several weeks.


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