I’m Worried About our Defense…

I’m trying to temper my concern with the fact that we faced a previous year CFP team with good talent, but I’m worried…

  1. Didn’t seem to get a pass rush/pressure often with just 4.
  2. Their QB missed some wide open passes that easily could have lost us the game. Our coverage seemed porous at times. Cincy QB looked the part vs zone 2nd half.
  3. Let’s hope the injury report is good after this week bc backups looked shaky at times. Especially hope Cat and Slusher bounce back. We NEED both of them and our D dropped off when they had to leave the game.

I’m chalking up this defense’s performance to 1st game jitters/working through injury bug to important players AND I think our opponent today was a very good team.

I thought our secondary stood out as a concern.

I think they will get better, but I also think several of them have a quickly approaching ceiling.

If we lose a couple we are toast.


Shoot, we had players on the field I was scrambling to remember ever hearing of them. Definitely hope the secondary injuries aren’t serious.

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Secondary and DT depth has been concern for months.

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Well, you could say the good news in our porous, inexperienced secondary is that we have lots of film on them for corrections. Clay is fond of reminding us there is maximum improvement tween first and second games.

They can get better as the season goes along. Seem it happen a lot. Work hard, get better!

Catalon is a fan favorite, he’s so important to the spirit and work culture. But im not optimistic about his ability to stay injury-free. This will hamper his career as a player beyond college.


We beat a top 25 team, who played a fifth year senior at QB who passed for a 140 efficiency rating and 3000 yards last year, playing behind an experienced Oline (guys who played in the playoff championship last year). I was not surprised at all that they threw the ball well. I was also very impressed and a bit surprised by their team speed. Cincy was very good competition. A good game for learning.


There’s a chance we’ll get an update on DB injuries Monday. Catalon is the obvious concern. Brini can step in there if needed. I like him a lot. Interested to see what happens at nickel if Slusher has to miss time. If healthy, I would expect Jayden Johnson to fill in, maybe Trent Gordon. I’m not sure how much LaDarrius Bishop will see the field next week. He got targeted and burned a couple times. Nudie and Malik Chavis are better options to me.


Would it be fair to say the backups aren’t so much a large downgrade talent-wise but more so young and lacking experience? Also on a different note congrats on the finalization day this week!

It will be interesting to see how the staff handles Bishop in the next couple of weeks. We really need all the depth we can get with this schedule, but I am concerned about whether the young man’s self-confidence will be an issue going forward. He was pretty down on the sidelines.

If Cat is out for an extended time they to put Slusher back there. He did the job last year. Wasn’t Brini a nickel at Georgia? Cincinnati had great speed at WR. Probably will not see that many weeks going forward. They could run the table and be a top 10 team by the end of the year if they stay healthy.

I was pleasently surprised by our run Defense and greatly disappointed by our pass Defense. I’m glad that Cincy’s QB was one dimensional and often off target. I have concerns about Snake Rattler next week, but also think we will be facing a weaker O-line and perhaps, a little less speed by the SC WR’s.

What people fail to understand is the fact that Cincinnati is a quality opponent with a better pedigree than the Hogs.Their head coach is a great coach.Vegas now’s by the 6.5 line which the Hogs covered by the way


Scottie I went back and watched the play Catalon got hurt on,he went for the quarterback and missed him and he landed with his right arm extended out and it looked like it may could have hyperextended his shoulder,I can’t see that play costing him a whole lot of time but injuries like that are strange …I know when I tore my rotator cuff I fell and landed on my elbow which jammed up my shoulder and caused the tear but he landed totally different than I did.

“Better pedigree than the Hogs”???

Please explain

Odom and his staff started out doing more blitzing than last year leaving their defensive backs one on one against some very good receivers. An accurate QB would have had at least three long TD completions. They adjusted with more zone relying on the front four to rush the passer. Our depth particularly at defensive end, seemed to wear them down some late in the game and we finally got some sacks, almost a scoop and score. I think we will feel better about this game later in the year when Cincy goes undefeated. If our defensive ends can improve during the season, Odom may can scheme this defense to be OK. We just will not be overpowering in the defensive line, but maybe we can stunt and scheme to be somewhat effective.

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I’m just spit-balling here, but I suspect he meant “recent” pedigree (or recent performance the last few years). Clearly, Cincy was able to reload on defense better than we showed yesterday. That goes to a lot of poor performance during the abject Morris years.

The mistakes made in the secondary are correctable I went back and watched the game. Mcglothern got caught with his eyes in the backfield the first time he got beat, the second time his alignment was off and he got caught on the outside shoulder of the receiver almost like he thought he was having help in the middle but the receiver simply cut inside of him and was by himself for the easy TD. Bishop never ever got a hand on the receiver at the line of scrimmage on the one he got beat on, these all can be corrected because they have the speed to cover guys but you cannot be misaligned or have your eyes in the backfield or do the day one fundamentals of being a defensive back and get away with it against the speed Cincinnati had and the rest of the SEC will. This is a game that will be a great learning curve for them hopefully


I didn’t see much bumping (or any) by our DBs near the los.