I’m tired of hearing what a great guy B.B. is!

I’m a “great guy” but I couldn’t coach the US Ping Pong team. I want a young, aggressive, cocky coach who can get some playmakers and win. I’m watching the game on TV from another state and what a pathetic site. They blame crowd on weather. That wouldn’t be an excuse if we were in Big 10. The crowd was poor because NO ONE wants to pay money to watch the joke of Arkansas football. Time for powered that be to get serious and man up. Get a COACH.

Well, we apparently can’t hire guys like Lane Kiffin or Mike Leach because the the delicate flowers on this board say they are big jerks or won’t fit the culture. Or— get this—they don’t win enough.

What the hell is the culture in Fayetteville? I know: crappy football. We need to start with a coach that can motivate, recruit and win and consider all else secondary. But I’ve been saying this for a few years now.

The times him being a good guy comes up are usually in relation to how it’s preferable to fire him without constantly bagging on him nonstop and resorting to idiotic name-calling and fat-shaming.

He has failed and can’t be retained but I fail to see why common decency is such an awful thing.

If you can’t see why there are plenty of people who wouldn’t want Lane Kiffin representing their state and school then that’s a you problem.

Winning matters. The fact that there are people who think you can win without doing it with the worst of the worst doesn’t make them less committed to winning. It just means that they want to win without selling their soul to do it like OM.

Bielema is a good guy and there’s nothing wrong with that. I appreciate that he left a tailor-made situation for a much more difficult one.

I believe that he could have won here but for some key mistakes and bad luck. He hasn’t , so he has to go.

But, he plenty cocky and he’s also apparently a decent guy. Nonetheless he’s done and we will get to see what a slapdash committee/committees can do to right the ship.

Your ranting and foot stomping seems a bit late to the pitt party. He’s done. We’re about to hit reset again like always.

And, in a few years we will do it again and complain about not having a HC who can recruit here in a way tht has never been done.

If we were 8-1 there would have been 70000 people there.

I’ll support the next coach whoever he is. My only thought on Kiffin is if he ran out on Tennessee after one year, how long would we be able to keep him? I think it was talk on Bo’s show or some radio program that seemed to indicate the BOT don’t want to pay $4.6 to the next coach, unless (I guess) it’s Gus. I like what Memphis has accomplished but am not sold on Norvell. I still think it’s defense that wins championships. I’d like to see us take a run at former Broyles Award winner and Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables as long as he has a creative mind at OC.

so still not a sell out?

What great supportive fans we are

He is not that good of a guy!!
i hear he speeds when late!!


I hear you Hawgjaw, I think Kiffin would turn things around pretty quick. there are several coaches that would be very good hires as well. Gus, Norvell, Frost, all would be a major upgrade. However on Leach, that would have to be a definite NO. I live in Lubbock and know quite a bit about him. I will not go into details but as my Dad would always tell me, "If you can’t say anything nice…

If people followed that logic, this message board wouldn’t be in business. :smiley:

no offense taken, pretty sure some was intended.

Ok, but I’m not sure what you are saying.

If you intended your delicate flower statement as an insult, as I inferred that you did, I didn’t consider it an insult.

Based on your post, I take it that you think no coach can consistently win at Arkansas. I just don’t buy it.