I’m thinking our RPI will go up after this weekend

I’m not going out on a limb & saying it will for sure, but I just have a feeling we’ll see it climb. WPS

I think that’s a good guess. You may be out on a limb, but it ain’t to far

I think after the 2nd game this weekend, we moved to 12th. With a win
in the 3rd game we might get to 9th I think. If I’m reading the live RPI
numbers right. Granted what others do in games still to be played will
effect us as well.

Clemson and Texas Tech have already lost their weekend series. Decent chance we pass one or both. Maybe Ole Miss too; Rebnecks have split their first two with EOE-K.

I just clicked on the Predicted RPI link at Warren Nolan. It has Arkansas #1 with a projected 49-7 record. Yeah if we win 49 I bet we’d be a top seed.

At this moment in time, since most teams still have their 3rd weekend
game still to go and Arkansas has finished theirs, we are #7. So I would
think we will probably finish 7-9.