I’m surprised you’re surprised

I’m surprised by all of these posts. What has this team and staff EVER done to make you think we would be a good team this year? All of you created an expectation and are now disappointed. We all want better. But thinking you’re getting a 6 win team this year is just crazy. We can hope for 5 which would be awesome. Not awesome in the sense that it’s acceptable but in the sense this team/staff has a chance in the future. As another poster stated, hopefully this season will run about like Petrino’s first.

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Liked Petrino’s first season. Liked his second more. And absolutely loved his last two!

Petrino’s first season started by struggling to beat an FCS team. Sound familiar?

All of us didn’t create an expectation of winning six so I don’t know how you arrived at that conclusion other than it might create the narrative that you are the only one that is logical. I think most didn’t expect a good team but also didn’t expect a lackluster offensive showing against what should have been a far inferior opponent. I haven’t seen any negative comments about the defense, only props for that phase of play. So, to say we “all” expected a good team is a fallacy.

Don’t recall seeing anyone claiming that the Hogs would have a good team this year. On the other hand, I will be happy with 5 wins this year and still hope for 6. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility for us to beat all 4 nonconference opponents, and at this point (after seeing Ole Miss and Miss. St. Saturday) we might very well end up with a couple of conference wins. I think it’s too early to conclude whether we’ll end up 6-6 or 1-11 or whatever. (Okay, so I’m crazy!)