I"m surprised so many are this down after Ole Miss

I hate losing to those guys! Literally can not stand Ole Miss. But the reaction on the board implied we were favorites. We were 6.5 or so point underdogs. If you look at sites that compare spreads to % likelihood of winning, that implies Ole Miss was expected to win at a 70% rate. I know most of our local pickers selected the Hogs and maybe that was part of the letdown.

I also know many will say, “Who cares about the spread, it’s all about Wins and Losses.” I agree, but we know this is a long term transition. We’ve gotten better and now our fans expect us to take the next step and win. But the smart money didn’t. And it was closer than they expected. We’ve covered against A&M, Alabama and now Ole Miss all in a row. I’m not a bettor but I do look at it as a proxy for what the smart money expects out of us.

Just for what it is worth. Let’s do our best to keep the disappointment in perspective.

I have a real dislike for Ole Miss, so I would have been pissed about losing to them no matter what the circumstances were.

However, I think the main reasons people are so upset are:

  1. This game and Vanderbilt are probably our only legitimate chances of winning a conference game.
  2. We led the whole game and blew another one. Bielema perfected this art and Morris is continuing the tradition.
  3. Losing to Ole Miss means we are the worst team in the West. If we had won…we would have said Ole Miss was.

I can’t remember the last time we won a game after trailing…oh yea…last year at Oxford.

[quote]Bielema perfected this art and Morris is continuing the tradition.

Jhawg, I am gonna disagree slightly. There is indeed a very fragile mental and emotional make-up to this team in the 4th quarter. But I disagree that Morris is “continuing the trend.” Rather, he hasn’t been able to alter the trend he inherited. There is a difference in my opinion. Morris didn’t create the fragility and shattered confidence. It is his job to fix it…and he hasn’t been able to yet He might not ever, and if he doesn’t he’ll ultimately be fired. But I think he will.

IMHO its going to take some players who aren’t scarred from past failures to rise up and make some plays at crunch time. I think that would have happened if Ty and Boyd and Agim and Devwah were all available. But they weren’t.

It may literally take some brand new players whose confidence hasn’t been shattered to go with our best current playmakers.

Not really that down. I said going into the game that in the long run, it really didn’t matter, but thought we had a chance. I did not see anyway our very poor defense could stay with those receivers. The QB scrambles and draws were better than I expected (is it a rule the past several years that Arkansas must leave the middle of the field open?).

As the game developed, I thought we had a chance if we could keep scoring TDs. When Boyd went down, I feared that would not be the case. Then we lost the number 2 back and felt the only way we would win is if ole miss beat themselves. They didn’t.

I wanted the win for the players who have given so much and got so little out of it (and to beat ole miss, which is always great - hey ole miss, there is another Henry Tight End coming for you!).

You either have speed or you are chasing it. We lost what little speed we have and that was that.

all about how we lost to me…OM made adjustments on defense to stop the run and we continued to try to run without our 2 best RB’s and defense seems to always give up big plays so I am not surprised at that but No way in heck a depleted OM defense should have held us to 6 pts for 2 1/2 qtrs…no excuse for that IMO.

After going back and looking at tape and then going over the play-by-play chart, I am going to disagree with you that Ole Miss made an adjustment after half to stop the run.

Arkansas still had close to 200 yards total offense

Here’s the first drive of the 3rd Q:

Whaley 3
Whaley 7
Whaley 16
Whaley 3
Whaley 9
Hayden 17
Hayden (- 1)
Whaley (- 3)
Storey pass to Whaley 4 on 3rd and 14

Limpert FG for Arkansas 30-17 lead

Arkansas’ second drive of the 3Q

Storey incomplete pass
Whaley 13 (hurt - done for day)
Storey 13
Hayden 1
Storey to Pettway 17
Hayden 7
Storey 4
Storey (-3)
Storey 5
Storey incomplete for O’Grady on 3rd and 8

Limpert FG for 33-24 lead

Arkansas 4th Quarter

Hayden 0
Storey 10 (hit, done for the game)
Kelley 11
Hayden 3

It’s now 2nd and 7 at the Arkansas 44, but Cantrell gets his personal foul penalty

So it’s now 2 and 22 at the Arkansas 29

Hayden 2
Kelley throws for Mike Williams - Ole Miss called for PI

1st and 10 at Arkansas 46

Kelley 9 to the Ole Miss 45
Hayden 3
Kelley 3
Hayden (-4)
Kelley sacked (-5) on 3rd and 11

Ole Miss scores to cut Arkansas’ lead to 33-31

Kelley incomplete for Pettway
Kelley 2
False start on Johnny Gibson
Kelley to Pettway for 21 and first down
Kelley 1
Kelley 4
Kelley incomplete for Pettway

Bauer 64 yard punt Ole Miss at its own 3

Ole Miss scores to take a 37-33 lead

Warren returns kick 33 yards to Arkansas 43, but Collins penalty backs Arkansas up to 28

Kelley throws pick

The run game was ineffective especailly late in the game and even Froholdt said they made adjustments and did a good job of stacking the box,the slant was wide open b/c they were all looking for the run.nothing we can do about it now just wished we could have taken chances against a VERY inexperienced secondary and tried to throw over the middle to get the LB’s to back off the run game and give us a better chance to run it.once a coach always a coach you always look for things you could have done better to make you less predictable. that’s all I was doing.

I just didn’t remember it that way except for the last two drives, but i never rely on my memory and thought the best thing was for me to go back and review.

They were fine offensively except on some third downs and some penalties as you can see from the data.

The final two drives without Storey, Boyd and Whaley speak for themselves.

That was a good post -

For me it’s an accumulation of Sooo many losses after the lead - most being losses in the 4th Qrt - that takes a toll

But yes - Ark is improving - getting better

If the fan base is anything like myself - it’s been nothing but disappointment and near misses for so long that you get jaded and disillusioned

Right now I’m telling myself - I need to act as I want the kids on the field to act

Act with character and hope that these kids will figure it out and learn to win

As for the coaching staff?

I’m very proud of what Coach Morris and staff have done

After the disaster of NTex I was afraid Coach Morrris had lost the team - but he got it up and moving and well

Razorback football is showing some flashes of brilliance and excitement again

As a fan - I’m disappinted - but beating down and going to grin it to match the effort I expect out of the players on the field

As long as I see the Razorbacks giving all they got - And not quit - ill respect them

It’s because a lot of people thought we were trending up and would outplay them and beat them in front of a highly partisan crowd—and all that happened and we blew it.

I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t be frustrated about it considering OM’s defense is awful and we lead the world in blown lead losses.

Being patient is one thing. That doesn’t mean we have to be happy about losing yet another game we should have won—particularly against a bunch of cocky for no reason, cheating thugs.

When we took over with 13:47 remaining, I predicted that Ole Miss would win, but we would win if there was 12 minutes or less remaining. I figured we would keep the ball a total of another 9 or 10 minutes leaving Ole Miss at least 4 minutes. That would be enough time for them to score twice since it takes them less than two minutes to score. And, that what happened.

Has Hayden overcome his injury mentally? He really seemed hesitant Saturday night, dancing around (maybe because of no holes)

Jeff H.

It’s the second game we’ve given away. Just looked to me in both Colorado st and ole miss we took pedal off the gas and defense went into the prevent victory defense.

Hate ole miss, a shame we had to lose, injuries or not. They lost a couple of players also. It was exactly like watching last years team. Just because you have a lead doesn’t mean you can shut it down and try to run clock. I guess they teach all coaches this somewhere in the I wanna be a coach class.

Also surely defensive coaches can look and see we gave up two big leads playing whatever defensive scheme they were playing. Just sick and to be honest, kinda lost interest. We’re worse than last year. Only hope is recruiting. We might win this next game, might. I wouldn’t pick us. All air let out of the balloon.

Our offense was taken away piece by piece. I assumed we’d lose when Boyd went down. He makes a huge difference. Ole Miss knew whom to injure, didn’t they.