I’m sorry but

We have no 3 point shooting without joe. Desi can hit a wide open one, But that’s all, whitt won’t shoot one, Harris is a turnover waiting to happen plus he’s a wish and a prayer on a 3. Another Tennessee game about to happen it appears

I am most disappointed in the defense, when we were playing well we were more locked in on defense.

Another one bites the dust…should be our song this month.

I fear we were just too short handed to begin with and it got worse but I think this coach will work.

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Spoke too soon

They played hard again. Not well, but played hard. Mason Jones hit the floor about 10 times in the last five minutes. He just left it all out on the court. I bet the mop they used to wipe up the sweat had to be thrown out because it was sopping wet after the game – mostly with Mason’s sweat.

I’m not giving up on them. I think it’s amazing the job muss has done. The four kids we have coming in next year are better than Harris, Cilla, and Bailey. Add Vanover to the mix. Jones and joe come back and you gave the makings of a really good team with depth. Actually I’m pumped. Other than jones and joe I just don’t think there is any consistency out there. My opinion only, but I think Harris hurts us more than he helps us. Cilla has produced nothing. Chaney seems to be in or out of the basketball doghouse. Harris, He’s scared to shoot even the mid range shot unless it’s at the end of the shot clock. Desi either has a good game or half and that’s it. I’ve seen 3 of the four coming in. Kk, Moody and the ft Smith kid are the real deal. And the stats I read on Davis are very good. Mike left us 2 consistent players.

Help is on the way.


Agree 100%. Well said.

Lyiola may surprise a lot. Anyone that put 19 and 6 on Duke can play a little…Same with Notae…We got three kids sitting out that I think will make a difference. Don’t have completely rely on the incoming Freshmen.

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