I’m so tired of the I’ll eat crow crap

Most of us understand the metaphor about “eating crow.” Apparently you don’t.

No, you didn’t offer an opinion. You told people what to do in crude terms. While politeness might be relative, you were absolutely impolite. I think I can speak for the whole board about that.


Advice of the day. *Never argue with a lawyer……you will lose. My sweet niece taught me that lesson.

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I suggest it might be time to back off that weed a little bit… Part of being a fan is riding the highs and lows every fan base is exactly the same way.

What blows me away is people can claim they weren’t worried when we were down by 12 in the second half and had great faith that things were going to turn out just great!!! when they had absolutely no recent games in the last month probably to back that up and to combat the problem we were playing the #1 seed and defending national champions basically on their home turf!!

I’ll put it like this way…When we were down by 12 how many of those nostradamuses would have put their house on it that we were going to come back and win??? If you couldn’t do that then you shut up!!! because you were just like the ones including me who thought we were in big trouble and we’re going to get blown out if things didn’t change quickly.

Thankfully Devo and Ricky said that ain’t happening today and I am so glad they did, but don’t come on here on a message board and act like you weren’t thinking the same way because you sure as heck were bc that’s all you had to go on for a long time this year.

I have a real problem with eating the “crow crap”. Now, blackbird pie, I heard that has some appeal in South Georgia.

I think I was pretty clear on my opinions and my understanding of the metaphor. You clearly don’t like either and would rather try to make a new point to be right about. I seriously doubt you know half the folks on this board and many might be insulted by you attempting to speak on their behalf. I think some found my opinions warranted and hilarious. But this is the disconnect. Half the world is split on what is and what is not. And, when those sides meet it’s utter confusion.

Much more mature than ‘macho man’.

He spoke pretty well for me, and also, he is an OG of this board.
You, on the other hand, are nothing but an irritant, and I find your opinions rather meat-headed and the complete opposite of hilarious.


I don’t know many people on the board, but I’m sure they all think your “shut the f*** up” is impolite—at best. If anyone thinks you “opinion” that people should STFU is warranted, they can say so, but I doubt anyone will.

The rest of that comment beginning with “But this is…” is just word salad.

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Why don’t we just treat each other with respect and accept the fact that our opinions are going to vary greatly. Gas never has any doubts, and I doubt more than 10 Thomases. It’s OK. Doesn’t matter if you see the glass you’re drinking out of as half full or half empty. As long as your glass has a Razorback on it, it’s all good. Just be nice. You’ll feel better. I promise.


But you’ve not proven anything ahole! Go back and read that thread the other day from the beginning where I said I thought he was a great coach. I also said in that thread that all I cared about was winning and we did! Nor have I whined and complained all season.

If anything, the OP I should be commenting on about crow was Hogmodo’s where he commented about getting hot offensively and making a run for the tourney. There was nothing in any of your posts that I was remotely wrong about. I stand by everything I said in any and all of my replies to you. You comprehend about one in twenty words you read.

Live in NWA? We’ll grab that cup of coffee and see how brave you really are face to face. Lol! I really doubt you’ll say anything to anyone’s face!

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NEA and I have disagreed on things in the past but he’s never been rude. Unlike yourself!


THREE YEARS in a ROW, so called Hog fans on this board have written off our Hoops, and last week they were TRASHING Muss 'cause some kid stuck a phone is his face and it got broke(boo-hoo) walking off the court just minutes after a bad beat.

How SWEET it IS !! Elite 8 and Sweet Sixteen THREE YEARS in a ROW. 1, 2, 3.

And it ain’t over. :sunglasses:


Hog fans are a passionate group. Most of us ride the ups and downs and get upset when we lose and are in hog heaven when we win great games like yesterday. I know i have whined some this year when we lose games to LSU and Vanderbilt on the road or Miss state at home.

Personally I like my Crow with a fine glass of Cabernet or a Malbec.


If you want to quote me then quote me correctly. As a lawyer, you should know words are important. I certainly do. So is comprehension. Maybe you’re just held up on the single f word regardless how it is used. Your coach likes it. So do I. So sit down and be quiet, please.

okay. I juxtaposed the words. Still, I accurately reported your message. Anyone who reads your OP knows what you said. You rudely and crudely told people what they should do.

I am not going sit down & be quiet. I wish you’d go away. You’re one of a few posters who has to be a jerk even about people who are eating crow about what they said about the team’s prospects over the past few weeks. You’re one of the few posters who can take what should be a joyous weekend for all of us and making it all about what you like.

You’re a sad excuse for a fan.


This is just where we see things differently. First I agree my comment is sad. It is. I hate to have to point out what some folks choose to do with their time, I.e criticizing 18 year olds. It’s sad to read and see. It’s sad for people to say it’s just a message board and if you don’t like it go somewhere else. It’s sad. Further it’s sad that people think eating crow or saying the metaphor somehow undoes all the negativity that many of us (who went to almost every game by the way and cheered at the top of his lungs) had to endure throughout the season, much less the players AND coaches giving it their all. No I respectfully disagree, what is sad is the negativity toward this team and those that have spewed it in this board. That’s the sad excuse for a fan.

People who are eating crow didn’t necessarily bash any of the players or kids. Most just didn’t expect us to get to the Sweet 16. I’m eating crow because I when we were down 8 at half & 12 in the second half I thought & said we wouldn’t come back.

No matter how you try to change or color your OP, you were being a jerk.

I’m not trying to color it. I’m telling you exactly how I feel and what I think. You can either believe or stick to your guns. It wouldn’t have mattered if I was polite or not. Haters gonna hate. it’s not like somehow my politeness would make you think or feel differently in the future. I’m not trying to sway you. I’m standing up to you. That’s the difference. If you don’t understand that I’ll try in the next post. Btw let’s go to Vegas and hash it out over steaks and wine.

I think the majority of the people on this board look at you like a well done filet mignon-a waste!