I’m so tired of losing.

But more than that I’m tired of losing the way we lose. I’m tired of getting way up on someone and choking it away over and over.

I’m tired of the motivational tweets. Im tired of “with us or against us”, “woe is me” tweets.

I’m tired of the GSD. I’m tired of the character building.

Im tired of seeing the come-from-behind losses from a mile away. I’m tired of feeling guilty for not being excited about 1-6.

I’m tired of finding ways to lose. I’m tired of missed tackles. I’m tired of drops. I’m tired of always giving up late, easy game-winning drives and never finishing them.

I’m tired of Marc Curles. I’m tired of scoreboard malfunctions. I’m tired of 11AM games. I’m tired of a different uniform combo every week. I’m tired of rain. I’m tired of Bama privilege.

I’m tired of opponent’s getting 60 yards after contact on a play. I’m tired of “wait til the year after next”. I’m tired of having to play and Bama, LSU and TAMU (neutral, Hogs lose by a score every year in Dallas Classic) in every odd numbered year. I’m tired of targeting. I’m tired of replay.

I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired.

I’m with ya but,
We aren’t tired of being a Hog Fan.
Not yet,

I feel ya.
But I’m one player away from giddy.

I’m sick and tired of all of these things and more. My brain is just had enough. I scream and yell way to much and then on Sunday I’m worn out. Sleep almost all day. Really.

I had a really good group in the house last night. 7 LB butt pork. put on at 5 am. Cleaned house, all day. Over did it. Everybody leaves and Brenda and I clean up. I’m not sure I said a word about the game yet. Watching the teams playing I actually had to think which team we were. The uniforms looked the same. Like who’s who? Is that stupud or what? I actually thought we were going to win this game.

IMO it’s game set and match now. Time to play the pups IF there is any bite to them. Razorbacks you played hard. I actually feel sorry for them. And BTW I walked into the kitchen and didn’t see the Ty play. Can’t say Ty is not a gamer.

I hear you.

But we haven’t been an annual winner since like the ‘80s. Last back to back conf champs.

With Chad Morris, this is first time we have had such a high rated class, and if he does it two years in a row, it’s unprecedented at Arkansas. Let that soak in a bit.

Man, Good post

I’m tired too

If we are tired think of the players and coaches

I know our history full well. And I also know this is one of the worst, extended runs of losing in that history. And I know that for most of it we have been cruelly competitive and outplayed the competition on many, many occasions only to gift the games over on a silver platter. And, I’m just tired.

I’m tired too - think everybody is and just disappointed to the bone about where we are, how we got here, and how far we have to go to be relevant again.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m tired of having LS-Who fans rubbing in our ineptness. I’m tired of thinking about Kentucky fans saying we don’t belong in the SEC. I’m tired of not beating the teams we should and losing to teams we shouldn’t. I’m so tired of it, I’m tired of the Texarkana Razorbacks losing to Texas High!

Man, you nailed it with this post.


totally agree! its like we never learn anything from these losses do the same crap over and over again…I would think they would make sure it doesn’t happen again but I guess not.

I just hope we get good again before I am to old to enjoy it .

I doubt there are any Hog fans that are not in the “tired of losing boat”. None.

But whatever happens (and I have great hope). I’ll never get tired enough to give up. I’ll still be there rooting them on and wearing my gear. No matter what.

But boy howdy…I want to win!


I’m tired of waiting 60 years for Arkansas to produce a great QB. Lamar McCann and Joe Ferguson the only NFL worthy QBs to play over that span.

Great post, Notorious…

I had to smile when I read it because it was on the money.

I’m tired of hearing all the excuses and the blame game of holding one coach responsible and then put up with the same thing from a different coach. We are a red hot mess with no depth, inexperience at to many positions, operating under new coach and new system in the toughest conference in the country, I guess you could call it the perfect storm. The good news is this storm will pass as all storms do, the dire hardcore fans will wether the storm and see better days. This storm isn’t near over but the forecast is favorable,great recruiting like we have now will chase the grey sky’s away just hunker down and be patient. WPS

Come to the Tulsa game and you’ll see a victory.

I pay for lower level season tickets and donate to the RF and have for 20 years.

I live 5 hours away and drive to most of the games unless work or one of my kids’ activities (including coaching my son’s Sunday football games) keep me from making the trip.

Despite the fact that we almost always lose, I’ll be there Saturday, I’m sure. Then I’ll turn around and drive back Saturday after driving up late Friday.

So, I should see a win, Saturday. But, I’m sure we will get up 3 scores and then give up 300 yards rushing in the second half and lose.