I’m skeered

If we know we can get Marshall, yet we’re adamant on waiting to talk with Beard, we risk losing them both and settling on an Alford type

can the PTBs feel that good about getting Beard?

High risk, high reward indeed

Better hope we get Beard. I think Marshall is okay, a good coach, ( overcoaches some). But good coach. I just think he’s reached his ceiling.

Gregg Marshall has a better all-time winning % than either Nolan Richardson or Eddie Sutton. And no, that does not mean that I consider him to be a better coach than those 2 legends. Even if GM were to produce exactly the same results at Arkansas as he has at Wichita State, it would be lots of fun (at least for me). But I think it is fair to assume that Arkansas has a higher ceiling that WS? So maybe the results would be better? I know that it doesn’t always work that way (see CMA at Mizzou vs. CMA at Ark.). But I think we could at least hope for that. If we hire Gregg Marshall, that should be considered a huge win / get (IMO).

Arkansas needs a coach that will preach & demand toughness. That’s what I liked most about Sampson. Both Nolan & Eddie drmanded toughness. Gotta be a BB player but if you’re not tough you don’t play. That has been the weakness of the program since Nolan left.

I’m gonna say this on the board, so everyone sees it:

Many on here are misinterpreting the Beard thing. Many of us are reading “waiting on Beard” and assuming we are waiting to speak to him, or his agent. That is NOT what is being said, what is being said is, “we are waiting on Beard to say no.”

Translation - We have reached out to Beard about our opening and NO has not been the response.

That means there is a chance, does it mean he will come here? That I don’t know but he’s not as out of it as some of us have assumed. And it may not be the PTB pushing this, HY may see it the same way.

I feel the same way. I have no problem with waiting on Beard and so far I think HY is playing this the way he wants to. I think Musselman and Marshall are both still in play. He is interviewing these coaches just like any supervisor would interview candidates for a job opening. Just because he interviews a coach does not mean he made them an offer.Too many posters on here are freaking out and speculating the worst but the truth is we don’t know much of what’s going on in detail…and that’s a good thing in my opinion. Trust the process.

I’ll give HY credit, he’s not talking. There are members of the PTB that like to shoot off their mouth, and he’s not talking to them either. Good way not to screw this up by leaking info to early.

Impatience should not be a factor. We’re not waiting on Beard after he’s said, “not interested.” There’s at least a sliver of interest. You don’t settle on your 2nd choice when it involves a long-term commitment and millions of dollars, when there’s still a chance of getting your top choice only a week later.

I believe that to be an accurate assessment of the situation.

I slightly disagree with this.

The fact that Beard has not said “no” yet, doesn’t mean there is a chance. It would be naive to believe we are the only school that is after Beard. He and his agent may have taken the position to not make any decisions one way or the other until after Tech is done in the tournament. So, the message to all the pursuers is I can’t talk about this until after the NCAAT. There is no reason for him to say “no” to anyone until he has to. Keep all the options till you don’t have to.

HY to Beard’s agent, “Is there a chance that he would be interested in an offer from Arkansas?” Agent, well sure, there’s always a chance, may be a million to one, but there’s a chance." HY, “Oh good, so there is a chance.” :lol:

Shades of “Dumb and Dumber”.

And if there is an offer on the table to Beard via his agent, we can assume Tech knows ballpark it needs to beat.

Not knowing of course his family situation, love of existing place, whether he really wants to rebuild another program at this time, and all the intangibles that make someone want to stay put.

It appears to me that Ark is the best coaching job currently on the board and if there is a chance of Beard leaving it should basically be a choice between Ark or TT. TT is probably in the driver’s seat but I think Ark is a better job and I do not think that they are in a rebuilding situation. They need to recruit a couple of good bigs to go along with what they have coming back to be right in the mix.

Beard may have no intention of leaving TT and it is quite possible that in the end this is all about getting TT to rework his contract but I don’t see any negatives from waiting a few days to find out for sure.

The fact that Beard has not said “no” yet DOES mean there is a chance. His agent probably said that Beard would be interested in order to leverage for more money or because he actually is interested. Both scenarios make sense. Why would we bail on him when it’s still a possibility? Thank God our AD does not harbor the same “hurry up and hire somebody because this is turning into a fiasco” montra like some of the fan base. We need to exhaust all options and hire the best candidate that we can and I’m sure that’s what HY is trying to do. Be calm and Hog on.