I’m sick that MS has made it to the finals

I don’t care if it is an all SEC final.
We were better than both of these teams. Makes our loss to NCS even more disappointing.


I’m just ecstatic Texass lost….




Oh well just shows more SEC dominance in a sport.

Not crazy about State, but as always, my second favorite team is whoever is playing texass. Look at their record v SEC. Just another reason they wanted no part of it.


Is it wrong to root for a natural disaster? Tornado, earthquake, sinkhole that swallows TD Ameritrade Park. Anything to prevent either of these teams from winning OUR nattie.


When you are playing second fiddle to Mississippi State, you know things are not going well.

Certainly not our Nattie. We had a shot. All it took was to win one game out of two and they did not do it; therefore, they did not earn it. Very hard to do and a lot of things has to go right. Clay listed a few things that happened all at once against them. Still, the bottom line is they had their chance and did not do it.

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Not many schools invest in baseball like Mississippi State and Vanderbilt. I’m a strong believer that the teams that invest in the sport have the most success, and if you look at the teams that have played in the CWS finals the past several years, most are schools that spend good money on baseball.

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Y E S !!!

Downward horn sign!

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Not even close when the choice is Texas or any SEC school playing for a championship in anything.
Badminton or tiddlywinks included.

Yes it is wrong. Terribly wrong. However, I agree with you.

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That’s encouraging for us. No one is investing more than we are

LOL! our SEC brethren just bring out the worst in me.


It’s also why I don’t think UA is committed to having a winning football program. Their assistant coaches salaries have decreased.

You’re priorities are reflected by where you spend your money.

It’s fair to say Arkansas hired some younger assistants to coach positions who demanded less pay than their predecessors, but I think it’s important to point out that the cumulative football staff pay decreased only after Brad Davis left. Prior to that, the football staff was set to make 2.9% more in 2021 than in 2020, which would have been a single-season record in pay to an Arkansas staff.

I don’t know this, but I suspect Dowell Loggains might be receiving some buyout pay from the New York Jets, and that and the relatively late timing of his hiring contributed to the salary he will be paid this year at Arkansas. His pay is set to increase by $100,000 in his second season.

Arkansas also increased Barry Odom’s pay significantly, to a level never seen before by one of the program’s coordinators. His salary is likely going to be top 10 nationally for an assistant next year.

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does Loggains not also have an NFL coach’s pension for being in the league a certain number of years?for players i think the requirement is 5 active years

Seems a bit hypocritical of us, considering our complaints about Bielema and the Patriots.

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Well said!

Ha! True