I’m really looking forward to basketball

Looking forward to a new philosophy, but yet not real far apart from previous, not drastically anyway.

Can’t wait for us to start jacking three’s at a all time record pace here, and watching fans heads explode.

will be interesting this year that is for sure. lack of size, but spreading the floor. lots of threes it sounds like. very interested to see how he coaches his man to man defense, especially undersized. will we press a bit? double down low? how will we rebound? will be honest, i wasn’t looking forward to another year under former regime. i know the kids were young last year and another year certainly they would be better. can these kids run a pro style offense? certainly doesn’t hurt to advertise that, should give us a nudge in recruiting.

how will all the transfers mesh will be another interesting thing to witness.

don’t know how many arkansas kids he will sign, the kid from ft. smith and from west memphis look very good to me, and of course the kid that moved out of state to get better competition and coaching and exposure; whether he signs those kids or not, like what i see very much from a recruiting standpoint. throwing our names out to a bunch of top notch kids, can’t hurt. muss seems truly enthused to be here. i like what he says about arkansas and the message he is sending out.

not sure what to expect his first year. i wasn’t expecting much anyway, but it will sure be interesting.

last thought, hope he does some marketing with the kids and fans. bud walton can be loud and raucous. maybe he can get us back to that point. so far, its full go, i like it.

I always look forward too basketball season. It will be interesting to see how the 20 recruiting class comes together. I hope the players from Arkansas are able to stay home and play for the Hogs!
This season no matter how it turns out will be fun to watch. Maybe there will be an improvement from the feee throw line. Also it would be nice for the bricklayers to improve or stop jacking up shots they can’t make.
I’m hoping Chaney has a break out season and becomes a beast down low.

Totally agree about the bricklayers. That drove me crazy last year. I can’t remember how many runs it extinguished for us and started for our opponents.

I too want to see how we play offensively… I.think that we have enough 3 point shooters to run the pace and space offense. This system should be tailor made for Joe. Jones and Sills proved that they can make 3 point shots. Cylla and Moss’ stats suggest than they can shoot a respectable percentage from 3. If Vanover is eligible, that will really open the floor. I expect that there will be games when we don’t shoot well and the score will be ugly. However, I think as they get used to the new system, I think that driving lanes to the basket will be open and that this offense will have a lot more good options to score. Even Steph Curry has frequent opportunities to fake the 3 and drive for a lay up.

I expect that our defense will be solid. The defense should not have the breakdowns that plagued last years team. Open 3’s and bad switches should be a rarity rather than routine. Granted, I think that steals will be down, but that defense will be better.

I am so glad that we have changed coaches and the style of play. Nolan’s 40 Minutes of Hell was great entertaining basketball when he had the great teams of the early and mid 90’s. Unfortunately, Mike never really had a team that could play that style of play and his record reflected that fact. I think that if Coach Muss can continue to bring a new enthusiasm and couple that with success on the court, Arkansas Basketball can be fun and we can replicate the Sutton/ Ricardson success. And we will be a top 10 program again.

Curious why you think defense won’t have the breakdowns that plagued last year’s team. Just trying to learn your thought process.


I am not expecting a great record next year. That is NOT a knock on Muss, it is just that, as a rule, a new coach coming in with a new style doesn’t usually have a great record. Remember Nolan’s first year? When he became our coach there was all kinds of excitement about how we were going to run and shoot more (was there a 3 pointer then? Seems like it came in about that time, but may have been a few years later, can’t remember).

Now days, when talked about, it is a “given” that Nolan’s first team didn’t have much talent. But I am 90% sure it wasn’t seen that way preseason of that year. My memory is that we were even voted by the coaches as preseason favorite to win the SWC.

I expect to struggle next year, then get better in the next few. How much better? Who knows.

I would expect us to finish in the top 5 in the SEC. Not a lot of size in the league next year and a lot of teams lost a lot of experience. I see KY, LSU (if they can find a PG), FL, MS St (no particular order) in the top four. We can sneak in the top 5 with the current roster.

Mississippi State lost a lot and without Waters and Reid I think LSU falls back some. I don’t know about Top 5 (I need to study the rest of the league), but I do think an NCAA berth and Top 7 is doable.

LSU returns Emmitt Williams, Bigby-Williams, Skylar Mays, Javonte Smart and Marlon Taylor and a year older. They replaced Naz Reid with Trendon Watford. I am not sure how far they fall back. They are expected to contend for the title again.

Someone needs to do a good research on rosters of all the teams. Tennessee perhaps the only one that falls back significantly.

Bigby Williams graduated, but yes that is some good talent, but I still think they take a step back.

The reason that I think that the defense will be improved is that we will play a solid man to man defense without jumping into a double team that is poorly executed. Our traps usually were slow developing, and when we committed to them, the ball handler simply passed the ball to player left alone . That player could shoot, pass the ball or even drive to the basket. All those options are far superior to base campaigns he

not to mention we could not set screens for ourselves (just terrible execution), and that INSANE switching EVERY time on defense allowed the other team to have any player of ours that they wanted, to guard whatever player of theirs t hey wanted. If I had to see Beard trying to guard a big in the post again I would scream. man that drove me crazy.


The program needed new energy and hopefully Muss can show us a budding system platform and a profile of things to come. I agree the first year of transition is not usually pretty but give us a reason to look forward to better recruiting and results. Otherwise, baseball season won’t be far behind basketball.

Now remember we all are looking forward to next season. I have looked forward to every season under any coach, so that is not sonething to argue about.

But you are making an assumption that man to man defense dies not allow open three pointers and the defense Arkansas played allows open three pointers because of switching. Just not true. Every defense has weaknesses to give up wide open shots.one five the reasons you switch is to prevent open shots. Just look at these stats for Nevada and Arkansas last year for three pointers.

Nevada 297-855 for 34%. Opponents 263-791 for 33%

Arkansas 259-751 for 34% Oponents 270-811 for 33%

See the similarities on both sides of the ball for Nevada and Arkansas? And trust me Nevada opponents were not making in your face three pointers. They could not have made them at 33% clip.

I have been saying all season and for years, there just is this impression among fans that we give up open three pointers and but we don’t get to shoot open three pointers ourselves. Just wrong. I have no doubt we will be watching our opponents shoot several open threes next year as well.

The primary objective of any offense is to create mismatches and wide open shots to score. Coaches know how to do that against man to man defense or any other defense.

I am willing to bet that you will have an opportunity to see a Beard guard a big in the post and go crazy next year as well. In some games, you may be screaming why we are not playing a matchup zone.

That may be true. We may still allow open 3’s, but the cause will not be slow or poorly timed double teams or hedging all the time. How many times was Gafford 30 feet from the basket on a smaller, quicker man while we had a guard against a big in the paint?

We may not be good defensively next year, but at least we will give up points in a different way. This coach may not be that great, but I do think that he knows what he’s doing and I am ready for a change.

So six of one and a half dozen of the other. As long as a different coach is doing it, that makes you feel better?

The highlighted portion drove me nuts as well. One of the “open threes” that you spoke of occurred when Gafford was on an opponents PG, and Harris ended up against the other teams big. Joe would slide down to help Harris and Joe’s man would catch and shoot wide open threes (I would scream at my TV and Joe for cheating towards the paint).

Now, I’ve said to get a good idea of what we would do next year you need to watch the Warriors (Muss has said that himself). Last night the people I saw guarding Lowry: Looney, Boogie, Klay, Draymond, Steph, Iggy, Livingston, Jerekbo, Bell, McKinne, and Cook. Funny thing is I also saw everyone of those guys matched up on Siakam, Gasol, Kawhi, Green, Powell, Ibaka, Van Fleet, and McCaw.

Now, which one of those guys should be covering Gasol? Why was Steph? Which one should have been on Lowry? Why was Looney? Which one should have been on Kawhi? Why was Boogie?

My point is, we are going see the same thing next year (Harris on a Big, Vanover on a PG, if he’s cleared). So, a lot of the stuff being complained about (Our Big out of the paint on a PG, our PG in the paint on a big) is still going to happen. I know something that will irritate half the board, is the green light to shoot a three. Those that hated Gabe shooting last year may want to not watch, because if he has an open look and doesn’t shoot, Muss will sit him. As PJ has said, there isn’t as much difference in the two systems as you would think. I think next year will show that.

Muss is definitely a good coach and I hope he wins big here. We made a good hire. No doubt about that.

I just have a problem in people believing we were fundamentally poor under Mike and are going to be fundamentally pure under Muss.

You can watch any basketball game and you will see a post guarding a guard and vice versa. It just happens due to the offensive moves made by skilled players and plays run by opposing coaches.

It is all about players having the defensive skills to execute any style of defense. A lot of issues last year were because of inexperience. Experience changes all of that. I am betting the same guys we had last year will be better defensively with a year under their belt. I think that will be the reason we will be better defensively next year.