I’m pro Gabe....

but he can’t shoot 3 3s a game. The last one was terrible and led to a layup on the other end.

His positives out weigh the negatives, but damn that part needs to stop.

His hustle is second to none. But he sure can make you bang your head against the wall sometimes. Lol.

If he can learn to stay within his skill set he would be awesome! I like his mentality.

He’s going to get better because he cares…even if some want him to go away.

I certainly don’t want him to go away, but I’d like to see him put in a lot of work on makeable shots and Free Throws and forget about the 3 ball.

There are several who have called for his exit.

I think he should work on all facets of his game, including his 3-pointers, but I love the care and attitude he has.

That’s even in the face of ridicule he gets, not just criticism.

Agreed. Gabe cares and he sometimes presses too much. He’s got skill, still a bull in a china shop sometimes but man he has heart. His jumper is broken by any stretch. Matter of fact, i’d say all of our forwards played with more confidence with Gafford out.

He’s one of our best defenders. He just needs to understand his strengths and weaknesses, which is hard when you pride yourself on being a complete player. He has a great spin move when driving. He just needs to finish. Long shooting isn’t his forte and everyone knows it. We’ll see what happens now that the season is over, but I expect him to be on the roster next year and improved.

He needs to learn how to finish at the rim for sure. He can get there but can’t finish.

I’ll admit I’m one of them.

It’s not that he doesn’t put up a good fight for the team, but I’ve called it all season “good Gabe and bad Gabe.” If he gets better at his shooting to go along with his defense, great!

You said a mouthful with one word Dudley, “ridicule” criticism is one thing and most players expect that but when fans ridicule players that work their tails off, it will drive them away faster than anything. Makes me wonder now why some of the unexpected transfers taking place here.

Gabe has some things he can do. He can hustle, play defense and rebound. He can’t shoot a lick or dribble. His role needs to be that junk yard dog around the basket. He does not need to shoot any 3’s. One thing I really like about Reggie Chaney is he doesn’t take a lot of bad shots. He has a nice looking mid range jumper and plays within himself. He didn’t play enough and that is on Coach Anderson, but he will get better by next season. If Gabe is starting or playing major minutes next year, we probably aren’t an NCAA team. He is a 10-15 minute a game guy who can give you some help. He is not a major player on this team. I don’t expect someone Gabe’s age to suddenly develop skills. That is probably not going to happen.

I absolutely agree with you, I think all the guys that played today care, and all will get better.

The dude hustles

No 3s but does so much better when driving to the hoop

Learn to finish at the rim and make free throws. No 3’s ever!
The whole team needs work on blocking out and rebounding. I have been tough about his play! He’s not a difference maker on offense.

I have said some things about him. He is an above average defender, takes charges, rebounds, and always hustling. He is a poor shooter, makes bone head plays that make you scratch your head, takes shots he can not make and if we had better options, should be playing 8-10 minutes a game, He should not be starting on this team but that’s my opinion, not MA’s. Will he get better, we all hope so. If there is another coach, which I hope doesn’t happen, his minutes will drop unless his skills improve a bunch. Would love to see him improve his offense and be a threat. You are either a threat or a liability.

The only advice I give my 3 grandsons that play basketball is “go all out and play through the whistle”. Never give up and make sure you hustle more than anyone else on the court.

Two of the boys watched some of the Providence game with me and I asked them to keep their eyes on #22. They got it. Gabe (obviously) has work to do on aspects of his game but he NEVER gives up.

For that reason I have great hope for his future.