I’m out of here for a while

I should have known better than to read this board following such a heartbreaking pair of losses. (Well, one heartbreaking, the other predictable.) People don’t just vent & express their pain, they want to blame the very people who are hurting the most & without whom we wouldn’t even give a damn about college baseball. Just like when I was a student. No one even knew when we were playing. Now we just finished 2nd in the nation (yes, not what we wanted), but better than everyone except one team.

Anyway, I don’t want to read any more of it. I might check back in a few days, but what I’m reading isn’t reasonable frustration, it’s completely irrational lashing out.

Totally understandable.

The thing that I completely don’t understand is that these people think that completely irrational lashing out is the CORRECT response and anyone who doesn’t is a sunshine pumper or “isn’t keeping it real”.

“Real” is we just won 48 games and were a millisecond from the 49th and a really cool trophy. None of the lashing out changes that. And I don’t think it really makes them feel better. Didn’t make them feel better in November before Bielema got run out of town, not now. (We won’t get into the people who actively wanted Bielema to fail because their ego needed the gratification of being “right”. You know who you are.). Is some of that going on here, people who don’t like DVH any more than those people liked BB but held their fire until now so that they could be “right”?