I’m now a believer

It’s amazing how KJ has grown. He’s shed the nerves out on the field. He seems to feel like he really belongs there and that it really is his team.

I also think Malik grew up quite a bit today. He was so limited at first, but he later started showing a bit of what he can do.

And do I expect to beat Georgia? No, but the thought is no longer absurd!


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KJ has got my respect for sure with his toughness and leadership,he has things to work on but he’s a stud and has a fan in me.

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Anybody who loves college football has to admire his grit.

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I was impressed and i think his confidence and subsequently his play are growing with every play. He is going to be a defensive nightmare. His runs are like iron and his passes are steel, if one don’t get you the other will!!!

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