I’m not sure it matters much about the coach...

What matters most is how much you cheat to get players. Ole Miss paid players, committed academic fraud and committed 15 level 1 violations, any of which subjects a school to probation. They went from an SEC cellar dweller to a contender by pulling out all the stops and were thwarted only by Hunter Henry from attaining their goal. They crashed and burned, but their actions may have been worth it in the fans minds. The NCAA gave them what I consider mild penaltys for what they did. They will survive and be up to speed in 5-6 years when they should have been hammered for 10 years like Southern Cal.

After watching North Carolina get 0 penalties for their mess and the wrist slap on Ole Miss, the NCAA has implied if you ain’t cheating, then you ain’t tryin’. I don’t think you can really compete anymore if you don’t cheat and cheat hard. Sad.

That is what I have been saying for years. Some of our fans are cluless on what really happens in recruiting.

I’m probably clueless about what goes on in recruiting. I almost never talk to recruits. If I have, it’s not in depth. However, I want to think our program is clean & have little trouble believing some others are dirty. Evidence has borne out that OM did under Freeze. I strongly believe AU did with Cam Newton & that they got away with it.

I’m not sure OM got just a slap on the wrist, though. I haven’t been in a position to read what they got except what I saw in an earlier post here today. I understood they’re losing 25 scholarships (13 plus the 11 they self-imposed) & they got one extra year of bowl bans. If their penalties were less than that, they got a slap on the wrist. But if they lost 25 scholarships, that’s significant.

They lost 13 total, not 25. Southern Cal lost 30 for Reggie Bush. Ole Miss lost basically what they self imposed on the scholarships. Pathetic.

I will never be a supporter of “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

Integrity is much more than a word to me. I want the teams I support to display integrity as well.

I ain’t better than anyone else. Its just my choice on how to live my life.

I read it as an additional 13 to the 11 self imposed. And an additional year of post season ban to the 1 year self imposed.

If so, that’s too light. Needed to be 20 or more.

I found it and re-read it. 13 total is…barely a slap on the wrist.

No, I am pretty sure it is only 13. Not trying to be a know it all,but this 13 is right, unfortunately

Barely soft petting on the wrist. No slap at all.

Another year of post-season ban was added. That hurt because it allows players to transfer to other programs without sitting out a year. So now, not only must the staff recruit incoming players, they have to try to keep the ones that they have.

Due to NCAA political correctness and no child goes without a trophy, the Hogs victory with the Hunter heave has been vacated and Ole Miss won the SEC West two years ago.

The biggest thing was the loss of a bowl game next year and allowing seniors to transfer with not penalty, the loss of scholarships is spread out over four to five years and means they will have 81 scholarship players instead of 85 according to the press conference, which is mild to say the least.