I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bigger

moron than the AU Catcher.

He got hit twice in extra innings and was talking smack.

It was so bad he got warned by ump and he was the one who got hit. His HC even told him during pitching change it was stupid and the major homer Auburn announcers were saying he deserved the warning.

All that was after we hit their SS in the 8th in a tie game (after he had homered the prior AB to tie it) and HE was running his mouth.

They don’t appear to have much in terms of baseball IQ. I think DVH had his fill of them and the home plate ump (who was just remarkably bad all game).

That was a grind. But, it sure showed we have a lot of fight. Kudos to the bullpen. They’ve been getting drilled but Ramage and Kopps were great in G2.

Yea, surprised he didn’t get a warning after the first HBP. Even more surprised DVH didn’t make a big deal out of it the second time.

I really enjoy watching idiot, cocky players like that lose the game. I definitely grinned a little when Fletcher was called safe at home.

DVH was barking on the 2nd one but the AU HC was dealing with his C and telling him he was being ridiculous so I think DVH stopped. The AU C was so bizarre.

The entire Aubie dugout was obnoxious. I was so glad to see Kopps get the win after they kept razzing him.

Ya. They acted like clowns. All night. The bottom of the 15th was Sweet. Long gone were the premature dog piles, stacked/sideways hats, bat flips and side comments to the Hogs.

It takes a different level of arrogance to believe a team is intentionally throwing at you - the nine-hole hitter - in extra innings with the game tied.

Yeah for real!! Like we were scared to pitch to him:scream::scream::scream::scream:

There’s a lesson Auburn should have learned last night don’t dogpile until the game is over! The hogs don’t dogpile after a conference win!
Maybe the umpire needs to get the number from Goodheart to get him some glasses!
That was almost as bad as some of the calls we got in Omaha last year in the last few games.
Maybe they mad the hogs mad enough to come out today and jump all over them.