I’m not crying, you’re crying

Maybe this has been said already and maybe I’m just a sucker.

But I was moved by Coach Pittman’s introduction today. That man is happy to be here, and loves this place and this program.

Hard not to feel it yourself when it’s so genuine. Hard not to love the guy already.


My feelings exactly!

One of the best Razorback moments in a long, long, time!


Oh man…I agree. I was watching at work and was getting choked up on occasion myself. Was worried someone would see and wonder what the heck is wrong with me. He CLEARLY wants to be here…BIG TIME!

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I felt the same way.

Hopefully the players get on board quickly and want to be here just as passionately.
His statement about the portal was best I thought, he didn’t want to hear about it, come talk to him first. Makes all feel welcomed at this point, but we all know things can change down the line.

U can tell him and his wife really love it here.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Very.

Finally got back from airport and could watch pc recording.

Was wiping some tears.

Dude is real.

Pay to get some top assistants and this might just be what saves the program.

Let’s just say that it was very emotional to be in the Walker pavilion yesterday.

Anybody who wasn’t moved by that - or at least smiled about it - has something going on in their life that they need to assess.


Talked to my brother in Atlanta this morning, and there are a lot of UGA fans crying too. :broken_heart:

A lot of Dawg fans crying indeed. I live in Chattanooga and my house is about 1/2 mile from the Georgia state line. This areas has a ton of Georgia fans. Several have reached out to me saying that Sam has been a huge factor in their recent success. They are also saying he’s one of their top recruiters and they are very sad to lose him. But every one of them are happy he’s getting a HC chance. Highly thought of is an understatement. WPS

I was in a surgery waiting room (my wife had a deal - the reason we are not at NFR this year - she is fine now) and watched it on my phone via KATV. I am siting there with water (yep tears) running down both cheeks. I even had a nurse ask me if I was OK. I told her I was great. She just shook her head when she saw the phone.

I think SP feels similar to me about the program. It is why I cannot watch many of these games because it hurts far too much. I cannot even imagine how much water it would take to win a game in Atlanta in early December! Sam and I both may need to be carried out and it would be so great.

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Coloradohog, we share a similar love for our Razorbacks.
I have to turn the sound down when we are playing poorly or getting hosed(most of the time with my Hog shaded eyes)by the refs. If it gets too much, I have to go out of the house and walk for a bit. My response to CSP and his comment in the plane coming to Fayetteville just turned it lose. He has touched a cord deep inside of me and the tears are those of joy and belief and finally a real hope for better times ahead for our Razorback family. Believing for a Phoenix(my Karate symbol) type renewal of CFB success at Arkansas when he arrived from his year at Missouri.

I hear you and know exactly how you feel. It just hurt so bad that it was best to just avoid it. I tell especially my Aggie friends who like to talk football with me that Arkansas gave up football a few years and that I would be back if they ever took it up again.