I’m gonna go out on a limb

And this is not based on any inside knowledge. Just an “educated” guess.

I believe Nick Smith had an arthroscopy procedure in LA. I base this on what Jimmy Dykes said last night, when he said Nick told him he “was two weeks away”. And on the timetable that was announced earlier that it would be first of February.

These are specific time frames like one would usually give for recovery after a specific procedure. And would be consistent with a “cleanup” type procedure for a meniscus.

Just sort of hit me today when I heard JD say it the way Nick supposedly told him.

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Quite possible for sure!

I believe that could be true but why keep it secret?? I’m pretty sure the NBA knows about if it was done…

If true, That may not mean game shape by then. Even when Jordan came back, those first games were rusty.

On TV last night he appeared to be walking pretty normally for the few seconds he was on camera during timeouts, which is a pretty good sign. My guess is that he is gradually increasing activity and that they are evaluating for swelling/pain on a day to day basis.

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Yeah it’s going to take him a couple of weeks to get in game shape he was taking shots after the game about a week ago and hit 28/32 three-pointers so looks like he’s shooting is staying sharp. That of course was with nobody guarding him,so it will take him a couple of weeks to get back into form I believe

I’d stay off limbs right now. They are snapping all around my house these days. Maybe it’s the snow.


My knees and lower back have been barking at me since playing pick up games on Sunday. Normally I recover fairly quickly, but I think the cold, wet weather is aggravating things. And yet icing them seems to make them better. Go figure.

I think it’s a decent guess. I have no knowledge. Have not tried to gather intel. I just don’t gather news anymore.

But I’ll just throw it out that there are more meniscus scopes among college athletes than ever. Diagnosis is so solid. And recoveries consistently good.

We are rarely told about them, too.

I went crappie fishing one time down here on a lake called Old River with a minnow that I had trained, and he proceeded to swim into the mouth of one crappie and out of it’s gill and then into the mouth of a second and etc. until when I (with great effort) was able to pull in a full dozen crappie from that one cast. All of them each weighed over a pound, and I think that three of them weighed over 2 pounds. (Well, yes I might be able to take a couple of crappie off of that tale if you could possibly lower that percentage of over 85% to something in maybe the 40+% range.)


While it is an ironclad rule of telling fishing stories that the first liar doesn’t have a chance, I have watched college practices a few times where guys would shoot threes all the way around the horn and hit crazy high percentages like that. I think I saw a high school guy do that once a very long time ago, too (but that guy was just shooting long twos, no three pointers back then).

The guys I saw do it were not consistently good three point shooters in games, all were kind of streaky. It’s a little like that with free throws, I’ve seen lots of guys shoot 80-90% in practice, including shooting after scrimmages when they were tired, but some of those guys would then shoot 60-65 % in games. Drives coaches crazy.


I have no idea what kind of FT shooting drills Muss uses, or MA, or Nolan did. But I know what some pro golfers do to practice 3-foot putts, the golf equivalent of a free throw. They’ll set up to make 100 or 200 in a row; if you miss, you start over. So when you get to 98 in a row, the pressure on those last two is excruciating. Kinda like a 3-footer to win the Masters.

Last year we made 76% of our FTs. This year, barely over 70% (and according to HogStats, if we stay over 70%, it will be the first time we’ve done so in four straight seasons since 1968). I doubt Muss has slacked up any on the FT drills, whatever they are. But if you have a couple of guys who have problems (the twins have combined to miss 27 FTs and Graham is below .500), it drags the whole team down. AB is hit and miss, and he goes to the line a LOT. RC4 and Devo are the only reliable guys we have; we’ll see if Nick joins that list on his return.

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What we don’t have this year is a great ballhandler that is also a 90% FT shooter that can take the reins off the inbounds with a slim lead, only minutes left, and finish it off at the line! I really miss Chris Lykes! :laughing:

Is Nick that guy? He very well might be!


Exactly. You have to protect the athlete to the extent you can.

I was really hoping Muss would go get a guy like that. Even if he was undersized, a step slow or a defensive liability. A guy to come in late when you have a lead and slam the door shut. Sort of a basketball closer.

I was rebounding for Al Dillard one day, and he made 97/100 with his right and 94/100 with his left.
Just incredible, and he shot a true jump shot that he had only been working on for a couple of years.
Al was born too soon. I bet the NBA would be drooling over him today.

As far as Nick, him shooting that percentage unguarded doesn’t surprise me at all.

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Muss had one last year. Remember Chris Lykes. Year before that Jalen Tate. By end of year Black could develop into that reliable FT shooter. Of course if Nick comes back, he can be that guy.

Tate hit only 71% on his FTs. The year before that it was Mason Jones, at 82.6%. If Isaiah had a better handle, he would have been the choice at 89%. Yes, Lykes was fantastic last year at 87.5%.

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That guy has gotta be Devo right now, Larry. He is not turning it over near as much lately, and I think he’s hitting about 80%. I feel good with him going to the line.


Devo’s making 77% for the year and 81% in SEC play.

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