I’m going positive

We ran for 241 yards. 5.5 a carry.

That’s awesome!

Even missing some scoring opportunities, the offense performed pretty well, especially with non-starters playing quarterback. If we expected the backup quarterback to out score our defensive effort, it was not probable.

Gas your full of Gas! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :grinning:

We have a very good OL and backs that can run the ball. We didn’t play as well as we can today up front but we sure as heck didn’t play as bad as some people on here think we did.

241 yd is pretty awesome when you consider they weren’t really afraid of the pass, they loaded up to stop the run and we still got that many yards. Hornsby was able to get a lot of those because of his elite athleticism.

I think we will be able to move the ball equally well against BYU if not better stopping them will be what wins or loses the game for us.


I also thought Reid Bauer did a good job punting.


I couldn’t agree more. Arkansas didn’t cash in on the opportunities in the red zone. If they did, they had a chance to win which I thought was a 20% chance before the game without KJ unless they won the turnover margin.

Yep. Dropped INTs, bad luck on needing just one yard. I wasn’t expecting to win but we did have our chances.

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Yes, they did. Even my wife saw that.

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as Bellichik put it, a good qB is one who gets the ball in the endzone and wins. Nothing more. Stats are for … fill in the blank for yourself.

At the end of the day, all that matters is winning. Period.

We missed opportunities on both sides of the ball. As CSP said in his presser, blame him. Ok Coach, I love ya but you need to get this straightened out. Buck stops with you.

Another positive. I’m not a Sooner fan! I cannot fathom how bad I would feel if we lost, in Jerry World, 49-0 to texass today.


It was in the Cotton Bowl, not Jerry World but close…

Oh, I thought, since the Cotton Bowl Classic is played there now, I thought the TX-OU game also had moved to Jerry World.

Did you not notice the daylight and sky?

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