I’m getting a ‘certificate error this site not secure trying to log on

from desktop? Both my home office and business office computers

I got the same on my computer. Ok on my iPhone.

It has popped up on my I-phone several times. Yesterday was the most recent.

I got that on my PC as well this morning. I used history to get into the board.

I’m having same problem,

Ditto, desktop and mobile

Yep…me too

Me too the last two days.

Same here on iPad.

No joke me too.

This morning on my iPad not on my laptop

Same here.

No more logon error!

Same message here.

Here too

I’ve gotten that error several times over the last couple of days (on my laptop.)

Me too! All weekend!

So am I on my ipad

Same here

Is this still happening? I was told it should be corrected now.