I’m falling for the Pittman idea

No doubt this makes some of you cringe. Due to a lack of HC or coordinator experience, some will say Sam Pittman doesn’t even deserve consideration and you’ll yell at me for taking us down this rabbit hole. Well I know it’s coming and frankly I can see your point.

But I‘m beginning to think he could be a great hire. I believe he wants the job badly and truly loves NWA.

I think with all of his SEC experience and his reputation he would hire a great staff (this would be a pre-condition, and we could use some of the money we save hiring him on assistants). It seems like other coaches love Sam and would want to work for him. I think he would relish and thrive coaching Oline and playing CEO. I think he’s been around the league long enough to know what it takes - something that many of these candidates lack.

Right off the bat, we would have one of the best Oline coaches in the country and one of the best recruiters in the country. (I’ve possibly just stated that we would immediately have the two most important things you can have in the SEC.)

If you’ve ever observed him on the sideline you can see that he’s passionate and intense. And his players love him. All things we’ve been missing recently to varying degrees.

Obviously there is a lot of risk. But I think a lot of these guys are risky, including Norvell. He may not have HC experience, but he has a ton of SEC experience.

Dudley, Clay - Im interested in your opinion on how you think he’d do in the role. Personally I could get very excited about Pittman as head Hog.

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