I’m down with it!

This is interesting. I’m off and running with it!

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New is hard it seems. See 2-10, but this shouldn’t be that bad. Future is bright!

How do get to the Board Index type list of articles?

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Looks good to me. In a week it will be old news.

Here is what happens when you try to delete…should just be deleted, ha instead hung out to dry for 24 hours…

What happens when you try to delete your post

checking to see if vid will play…

Looks to be working fine. I’m a little hurt Seth’s video wasn’t used though :wink:

:smiley:Ha…1st one I came across…my emoj quit working though…worked before
:upside_down_face: you gotta have touch w emo:rofl: :grinning:

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You can get to the articles by clicking the “latest news” link at the top of the forum. You can also find all of the articles by typing wholehogsports.com into your browser.

testing :sunglasses:

emo came back!:rofl:

Twitter test…that didnt work:upside_down_face: emo hot and cold

I guess if you click on it it’ll open in a new window…that kinda sux :upside_down_face:


I guess some if us don’t get to keep our board names.

I’ll check on this. What was your board name?

Also, could you PM me any email addresses you have associated with www.wholehogsports.com, forums, arkansasonline.com, nwaonline.com? I’ll look into this as well for you.

Just testing. Haven’t been able to post from my phone on old board. Hopefully can on new board.

Edit. Great, it works. Now I love this new board.

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Hope it all works!

Ok, how do you post a gif. Couldn’t figure it out from Seth’s video.