I’m curious

With all the back and forth over what we should have as expectations for basketball program, it got me thinking…

I wonder if there is correlation between expectations and age of poster.

I am 60 years old
I started following Hog basketball when I was a teenager and Lanny Van Eman was coach

I spent a large part of my life following the Hogs under Eddie and then Nolan. We were essentially always in the NCAAT and the only question was seeding.

So what I would like to ask for any who wish to participate is this-

Respond to this post with your age and whether you are satisfied with the program under Mike Anderson.
Please, don’t rehash the arguments either way, they are well documented. I just want to see if there is a correlation with age of poster.

37 y/o
Not at all satisfied

Not satisfied


Based on Gafford leaving, the team returning, and the recruits, so far, it looks like we will be weaker next year. No better at point guard, no better at power forward, and weaker at center. I just don’t see a return to respectibility in the near future. Hope I am wrong because I don’t think the BOT or AD have the will power to name the court after Nolan the same year they fire his protege. JMVHO.

45 and apathetic. Fan base is whine and cheese at games. Coaching staff underachieving. Administration setting a culture expectation of mediocrity.

Minus Kentucky and maybe Florida we care more than any in SEC. Something in not adding up.


I won’t answer the other question because it’s a loaded question and you nor the ones who have already responded don’t want an explanation to the answer.

Not pleased at all…about the basketball program. TGF Baseball.


Satisfied, IF this season proves to be a one year aberration from the previous upward trajectory of 3 of 4 years in the NCAA tourney. We must be back in the NCAA tourney next year and have commitments for a great 2020 recruiting class. If both don’t happen, I won’t be satisfied with where Mike has us at this time next year.

You don’t have to answer because you’ve already done so.
Thanks for giving the age.

I don’t think you actually know my answer, the ones who posted before me, their answer was obvious, hence my reply.

I’m 51 and been a fan since I can remember my mom yelling at the tv.

I’m not pleased but I really think we could have been better this year with a few changes. Why we don’t make those changes is what drives me crazy.

42 years old…not satisfied and have sadly, become apathetic towards our basketball program. :oops:

63, unsatisfied with the program. WPS

65 and unsatisfied/disappointed with the Anderson regime.

I’m comfortable with where we (apparently) are now - get in the dance next year and probably win at least 1 game, or time to move on. And I hate it, because I LIKE Mike and want for him to succeed. But 8 years is plenty of time - it’s put up or move on time now.

67 and not satisfied. I’m also sick and tired of some on here saying because I’m not happy that I hate Mike. I dont!!!


Not satisfied.
Very disappointed.

Expect to dance next year or to make a change.

Why even respond then? :roll:


Not satisfied, though I’m not sold on getting rid of Mike.

Grew up in the golden age of Razorback basketball. My earliest memories are of the end of Sutton, beginning of Nolan. First game I remember attending was the ASU NIT game that might’ve been the most important game in UA basketball history given the repercussions of a loss. Saw some of the great late 80’s, early 90’s Barnhill games (Shaq vs Big O, Day breaks Sidney’s scoring record, revenge on Penny and MSU, Day’s non punch at Larry Johnson, turning the lights out on LSU.)

I was 15 when we won the title and at the end of college when Nolan got fired. I feel that it’s likely that people within a couple years of 40 have the highest expectations and even those a little older who remember the triplets and what Eddie built. You get to 30 and younger and I would imagine that their expectations drop based on the quality of play they’ve had to endure.

59 - not real satisfied, but not sorely disappointed. (Heath & Pelphry Years still linger in my mind).
Altman hired for an hour then quit-(wrecked program here)
Self was a good rumor once, but basically laughed with a thanks but no thanks. Now in the middle of FBI probe anyway.
SEC full of cheater coaches now, we might as well take our chances with one, should plenty available soon, thanks to the FBI.

This season is about what I expected. I wouldn’t say I’m satisfied, doesn’t mean I want to fire the coach.

I’m not satisfied with this year. CMA has helped our hogs. He needs to show this year isn’t the norm! I’m not a win at all cost fan! The climate in recruiting is what all of us need to be aware of and it could get a lot worse. I’m hoping the FBI scandal nails some head coaches,AD’s, and NCAA staff!
As deep as this is there’s no possible way they can deny this hasn’t been going on for the past 25 years at least.
I’m not for firing CMA! He has our program
Clean and free of the scandal.