I’m curious about something...

For those that were “done” with basketball under Anderson, how will you handle the next few years? It’s highly unlikely the program will do better than the “mediocrity“ achieved under Anderson. What will you do? This is a unique situation the next coach will be facing. Unique to Hog hoops. . You’ve got to be better than first round NCAA and NIT tourney appearances. We just fired a coach for that.

You mean 2nd round of NCAA, right?

The minimum is they must do better than Anderson. Whatever round that was. One and out or two and out. So, yes. Sweet sixteen is the minimum.

I wasn’t done with Anderson, but there is something else to consider in your question. Depending on who the next coach is and if he can retain a good core, if not all the core guys from this years team, we can still have a good year next year. Anderson left Frank Haith a very good team and he was very successful with them, but he couldn’t sustain that success after Anderson’s players were gone. Andy Kennedy left Kermit Davis a upperclassmen led group of shooters that propelled him to Coach of the Year in the SEC. I don’t think the new coach will be able to have the same success or be coach of the year next season, but Anderson didn’t leave the cupboard bare. Whoever the next coach will be, he’ll have some talent to work with, its can he progressively get better afterwards. So I’m not going to put a line on where I think the new coach should be at by the end of next year. I want to see if he can retain the core group of guys first and work from there.

If the next coach can keep the “core” group and maybe get some transfers, I think we will still be in good shape next year, but the key word there is IF


To this point John Petty (the Bama Guard) just told a national reporter, he’s transferring regardless of who the new coach is. I’m worried some of our guys feel the same way

The team needs some bigs. You will get slaughtered on the boards and shots in the paint. Knew Gafford was leaving and signed only Justice Hill.

I’ll never be done with Razorback basketball. I think one huge positive for the next coach could be an uptick in recruiting. Part of my concern with where we were headed was the seeming lack of signing impact players … thus, less hope for the future. I’m not in any way saying we have no good players. I love some of the guys we have. I’m just saying that, on the whole, recruiting was not good and seemed almost to be trending down. So, even if results are not better immediately, I think improved recruiting could give some of us more hope.

Which is why I said transfers

Same here.

In my opinion, I think Joe and Sills stay no matter what. Chaney, Jones, and Harris are wild cards. I think Simpson and Gabe are legit guys who would transfer. If we could keep the big 4 freshmen, Sills, Joe, Chaney, and Simpson, we can have at least a legit starting 5 with Gabe or Bailey filling in the 4 spot. Jones and Harris are good role players, but for next season, those Freshmen 4 need to stay.

Transfers? Are you talking about Grad transfers? Because any others have to sit out a year. Also, graduate transfers are generally transferring for a specific reason. Playing time…Which most likely means not a difference maker and just a body.

I guess I am not the right person to answer this, I was not a Anderson fan, but I also wanted him to get at least one more year. But to try to answer the question, most fans who want a change (doesn’t matter the sport) are generally willing to give the new guy some slack for a year or two. If the new guy after a few years isn’t doing any better than Mike did, he will be on the hot seat too.

Again, I wanted Mike back for at least one more year, was thinking more like two, then see where we were.

Oh, any person is the right person as it pertains to the OP. I will ask tho…why should patience be extended to the new staff? Full disclosure: I’m all mixed up as to how I feel about the firing. Had Anderson been retained, I would have wanted new blood. Now that he’s out, I wanted him to stay.

Yes, there are some decent kids out there, both Grad transfers and JUCO’s. At all five positions. Do we get any of them? I have no clue, but contrary to the belief of some, there are some legit players.

This is something that makes me curious as well. I brought this up last night. When Bret arrived after JLS, people said he deserved time to get his guys and his system, then when they turned on him and wanted him gone, that first year is his fault, but Morris’ first year is his fault too. So, if Morris doesn’t have success in the first five years, are those same people gonna blame Morris for this past year?

Now, I’ve always believed a coach should get five years, unless he does something really, really stupid and gets himself fired (blondes on Harley’s). However, there is more than winning to an athletic program. Mike did that, if I was AD and the way I look at it, he would have coached next year, but I’m not the AD. What happens if our next coach wins a NC in year four, then we have to vacate everything in year five, or we lose scholarships in year five? I think each coach should be judged on their overall performance, not just on the field/court. Reading HY’s comments yesterday, it seems he’s a win at all costs guy, or he is a puppet to those on the BOT that are. So, this may end up being a huge mistake for him, and us (the fans) either way. JMO

I am sure there are…But this late in the process, with the pool being much smaller, the chances are very slim you are actually going to get a difference maker. This should have been taken care of in the early signing period. Now we are hoping to find the proverbial “diamond in the rough”.

I don’t disagree we should have been looking for Gafford’s replacement in the fall, but we were on some guys for the Spring. Jolly, Stith both good enough to help out. Jolly is a guard that gets 13 (12.5) rebounds a game. He can crash the boards. Now that Mike is fired, I doubt we get either one. With the coaching change, I think we are further behind, and if we have transfers, we will be even further behind. I do agree we need a BIG, but now I think we get one like you’re talking about.

Are you sure about reducing Mason Jones with those 30 pt outburst to a role player position?

If you are trying to convince me that a guard was going to make a real difference in rebounding and in the paint points…I do not see it. There is a reason why these players have not signed early. In the best case, its because they blew up these last few months. Generally, they are available because they either did not have the grades or was just not good enough. There was a reason Mike and company went on scramble mode this last couple of months in JuCo recruiting. He knew his seat was getting warm and the complacency would cost him his job. It is on Mike when Portis left and we had no replacement and it is on Mike for not signing a big in the early period.