I’m concerned Norvell to Moo U...

…or to Ole Miss

Maybe MSU but I bet ON has to reach. That NCAA cloud is huge.

OM needs to keep their interim

If that’s the case it means Arkansas is set on someone else.

No way he would choose either one over Arkansas.

We aren’t top tier, but we are better than both mississippi schools, and he has made it known he’s interested.


An OM fan told me they’re giving Matt Luke a long-term contract. Norvell wants to come to Ark & has told people in Memphis off the record he would fight for the job. Probably why he took the job here with only 500k buyout. He turned down other head coaching jobs till he could get back to the South

Mullen just quit this afternoon. MSU is trying to get over the shock. I doubt they are targeting anybody, yet. That was a huge loss for them …the best coach they ever had. Mullen gave them 9 years of good work. They are in trouble.

Norvell is not going anywhere but Arkansas if the people hiring the new coach are smart enough to offer him.

Well, you may want to consider Arizona State. He recently coached there, you know.

I’d be surprised if that would be much of a factor.

Add Tennessee back in the mix. What a fiasco over there

Enough $ will make any coach go just about any where including Norvell.

We can offer more$$$ than Ariz State

I’m concerned someone is going to eat the last slice of pecan pie before I can get home and eat it.

dig a little…
and you will see he is unlikely to go back to ASU