I’m back

will be catching up on things today. Feel free to drop any thoughts or questions about recruiting here and I’ll try and answer.


No questions Senor Davenport just glad to have you back. Hope you had a great vacation.

Glad to have you back RD

Thanks. We visited Savaanh Ga & Hilton Head. Really enjoyed the trip.

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Both of those places are Awesome, have been there myself.

Hope you ate at Red Fish in Hilton Head.

The lowcountry of South Carolina is great.

In 2010, my daughter wanted a “Destination Wedding” and we ended up in Hilton Head. Two days before the wedding I bought shrimp at a dock on the north end of the island caught that day. I marinated and grilled them that night for a drop in party and they were gobbled up as fast as I could take them off the grille. Fresh shrimp are amazing. Frozen shrimp taste just fine until you have shrimp that were alive and healthy hours before. Huge difference.

I like Charleston a little better because of more History but Savannah is a great city to visit with dozens of parks with Live Oaks stretching across the surrounding streets almost poking into the windows 80’ from their trunks. One of my favorite nieces is married to a successful lawyer and they live just outside of Savannah. It never gets old visiting there.

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Fresh seafood is a revelation, if you grew up on store bought or frozen seafood. Fresh ground spices are 100x better, also.

Truer words were never spoken. After 28 years in South Florida and VA Beach, it took me a couple of years before I wanted any frozen seafood after I moved back to Arkansas. Especially shrimp and crab legs. I salivate every time I think of stone crabs in South Florida. About the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Those places, however, don’t have a clue how to fry great fresh catfish. I really missed Arkansas fried catfish. I’ve had lots and lots of it since I’ve been back.

Love those places RD….hope you had a great trip. I was south of you in Naples, Florida’s for a guys weekend of 3 straight days of golfing….such a fine time!!!

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Savannah is a poor man’s Charleston


We almost retired to Hilton Head, but came back to Ar. Loved the low country! It was a hard decision.

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We’re actually considering a community in Hardeeville, SC. Long ways from making a decision but we really enjoyed our time there. There’s two other communities in Fla. like the one in SC but I like the change of seasons. Not a fan of the heat and humidity of Fla.

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Ultimately, for us, the decision came to family, friends and Razorbacks being here.

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Check out Port Royal.

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