I’m a Very Happy Razorback Fan

I’ve been off the board a lot - what happened over seas recently has had me pre occupied

But as a Razorback Fan I’m very happy and over joyed

A long time fellow officer asked right after the U Tex (spit) beat down “what are your chances to get to Atlanta?

My answer came from a note I remember Clay Henry made once

“Let’s just enjoy this win and worry about the next game later…”

As I’ve found respite joy in two approaches

  1. I’m enjoying the Arkansas wins - up to the next kick off (donot worry about the team - they moved on to the next game on Monday)

As a fan I can celebrate up to kickoff next - while discussing some aspects of the next game

I will celebrate beating UTex (spit) from now till the next time we meet

  1. I can celibate Arkansas football represents the state again and we have Players who are a team and not worried about what color uniform they are wearing - they are focused on each other and winning!

I guess I’ll give another point

I can celebrate Arkansas has leadership that loves Arkansas on the same level as JFB again

Despite world events - it’s Good to watch exciting Arkansas football again and I am bow convinced - this year On any given Saturday Arkansas can win and if they lose it’s not because they quit - they will play to the end

My only concern is simply the human limitations in a horrendous schedule

TYSM Coach Sam and our Razorbacks

I hope you can keep these coordinators
After this season

Go Hogs Go


Talked to Gage as he was coming home from a business trip overseas yesterday. He was enjoying a whiskey in first class thinking about the Hogs whipping Texas and A&M. Whipping is the key word. Not luck. Not by a whisker, but whipping them. Making first downs with the run with the opposition knowing you were going to run. He said it was a tough jet lag moment but a sweet drink.

Yes, we should soak it up.


So glad he had a good drink to celebrate

Yes - let’s savor this time and each victory and all the national love

I appreciate every victory more now because it wasn’t long ago that there was nothing at all to celebrate

Let’s enjoy this

Clay I bet your getting slot of national love too with interviews across the nation - I intuit a lot of media wants your inside look at the Arkansas Razorbacks

The Razorbacks if they can maintain are the feel good story of the year

Looks like Ole Miss game is game plays big for National Coach of the year title

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Isn’t it great to feel the pride in the program once again! A couple of years ago it seemed as though it was gone for good


Good point. I remember when Morris was fired alot of people saying it was going to take years to restore this program to relevancy. Not even two full years later, look where it is now.


I have always maintained that it’s about the right coach. And the right coaches can attract the right players.

And keep them. Sam said he picked the players. But those Super Seniors and transfers picked him.


That’s so true - and it shows what it means that they choose to come back -

The character of this team is special - they represent the best of football and sportsman character that is old school

I simply cannot make a complaint and I do t come win or loss thus year

I’m proud of them and how they overcame the chard Morris years -

I know they will give all they got and that’s all I can ask - they remind me fondly of some units I have served in - they can trust each other

As for the stretch of games coming - I don’t see the winning record surviving the next three games but I do g ty see 3 losses either

  • I have my doubts Arkansas can win Vs UGA but it’s because of the hype that is big time SEC program football

My hope Arkansas finds a way like coach Lou did vs OU in the 78 Orange Boel where he exploded a weakness

I’m hoping fir that -

But no matter what happen these Super Seniors snd Coach Sam have changed the trajectory of Arkansas Football

I’m So happy


And IMHO this is a spiral—but in the right direction. We picked a good coach who picked good assistants and the xfers picked him and now the wins and the publicity about the kind of coach he is and the kind of man he is will cause more, better players to pick him which will win more games which will get more publicity etc….

A spiral UPWARD for a change!

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That is way too short of a post, Malvie. What’s wrong?

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Old age :rofl:


Nah, it’s called seasoning or wisdom.


Correction. We picked a GREAT coach. Respectfully


Please don’t take this as a correctional your thought

Instead your post made me reflect on my own thoughts early on of Coach Sams hire

Looking back I think we were luckily

It was maybe even providential we have Coach Sam

No one wanted this job!

A number of “respected” coaches used our search to obtain pay raises

Coach Sam was on no ones list fir a head coaching job - His time had passed

But again I’m using this word intentionally

“Providentially ” Coach Sam asked for the job and - be it out of desperation or simply systematically giving an interview out of respect for the man his supporters - AD Hunter Found the right fit for a job no one wanted

Now give the AD credit because I don’t know of anyone (including myself) that was excited about Coach Sams hire -except for a few OLinemen

Me - I had hoped Coach Sam could coach 4 years and get it stable and respectful again gif the next hire

Wow! Goes to show you what is possible when a journeyman who has solid character gets his shot at the job he felt had passed him by

Coach Sam “the jukebox” Pittman isn’t looking to get the next job

He is looking to build a legacy at Arkansas informed by almost 40 years of trench work - dreaming of what IF he would do IF he was Head Coach

Dang! We are lucky

Now IF we lose this weekend - or when Arkansas loses - and it will happen

You will not hear a negative word (except about the possible incompetence of sec referees ) from this fan about coach Pittman or our players

Because IMHO both Coa h Pittman and these players have restored Arkansas Football

I hope they just keep winning but win or lose this year has already been a dream season

I hope Coach Sam keeps his coords and he stays till 70

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There’s a lot of folks that mentioned Sam as the Head coach when CBB was fired!
I’m proud we have Coach Pittman.
This season has been a breathe of fresh air! Our Hogs are playing TUFF physical smash mouth football!

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No worries at all bluegrass. I enjoy the conversation. I’ll totally agree we got lucky. I’ll say the lucky part was “baked in” to my comment. We can all see with hindsight how great the hire is now and how great of a man he is.

Now, I won’t say I had no worries on the hire, but when it happened several things stuck out in my mind. How good our lines were when he was here. How it all went downhill after he left. How Saban came after him. How Kirby came after him. How, even though it was a bad idea by coach BB, the linemen came to his house to ask him to stay. I feel like Sam left for whatever part of the rumor mill one would believe about what was going on with coach BB which seems to show a high character. And one of (if not the) biggest thing that hit me like an “AH HA” moment…I’ll never forget seeing him standing behind Frank Ragnow on draft day taking pics and texting. It really stood out to me that he would be there for him. He cared so much for a kid on a previous team. All this made me think, we might have a REALLY good hire here. Turned out to be great. I don’t care if we falter to 6-6 or whatever. He’s the man for the job.


To me, this stretch and the rest of the year, will come down to how banged up we get. If we can avoid any major injuries, then I think we can put together a good year.

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Good post

Fir me “We beat the snot out of UTex (spit) and shut up his little brother in Tex A&M - It’s a good year

Arkansas survived the injuries - it’s going to go from good to a great year

Would love an upset win vs UGA for just how dumbfounded the SEC schedule maker will feel because he did Arkansas no favors except if Arkansas wins there is no excuses about how weak the schedule was

The key to me is the Super Seniors - they have made a program changing decision to stay

Bren, the schedule was made 9 years ago. That’s when we knew we were playing at Athens this year.

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Thanks for that reminder

It still affirms a tip of the hat or an approving nod from the SEC for winning with a schedule that has no mercy

Funny we get university of Cinci fir an opener next year - remember when we got USC scheduled in a down year and before we played them they became national contenders again - Cinci is looking really good right now

My how the worm turns

It always comes down to injuries in the SEC. If you go back through Arkansas history, that has been the key. It was during the Broyles years.