I love Zimmerman's videos after each game on his take

I can’t wait to see what he says about this game. He is so entertaining and excitable.

Love it.

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votan I agree 100%. IF he wasn’t on live TV Muss like me just might go crazy.

IMO he should be National coach of the year.

BTW did we know Moses Moody was this good. Like a 1 and done?

When I first heard that statement about Moses and watching 3 or 4 games I wasn’t so sure. BUT you talk about a “All American” type player it’s MM. A 110% IQ basketball player. Muss is just having to keep those guys coming!

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technically, I think there are fewer than 20 “one and dones” per year. so they should all be 5 stars. Moses had never been the “alpha” on his team, and wasn’t at Montverde, so I think it’s fair to say that Moses has elevated himself, significantly, by his hard work and excellent play.

we spent a ton of time, on this board, discussing his “athleticism” and other facets, I really think that it’s fair to say that most folks are very very pleasantly surprised by his scoring average, defense, rebounding, really his entire game.


He has elevated himself to one of the top 4-5 Razorbacks of all time. If we had him for 4 yrs like some of those other guys, good chance he would place at the top. He still has two tourneys to play and very well could do something there that could do it. the guy is great on offense, but he is also great on defense. He may very well have won the game with his dunk block at the end followed by a 3. That is BIG TIME on both ends.


Aloha and mahalo Jeff for bringing so much quality content to the Board.


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