I love ya Daryl...

but yes that was a travel.

Ugghhh we had our chances. But that is a good team with good guards.

The 2nd chance points and an off-game by Barford did us in. On to Auburn.

Navy, your right… plus to me we lacked intensity,…we stood around a lot…right now MA has to get them motivated.

If this team can’t learn to play harder and with more of a sense of urgency then there are a lot more L’s on the road to come. The league is better, but when you shoot as well as we did and still lose that’s a concern.

If UAPB shot 30 more free throws than us the Lions would have a chance of a upset.

I am generally not a blame the refs guy, but to me it looked like a jump stop where he just didn’t land with his feet together. You’ll see that not called 10 times a game. I am usually more worried about him getting called for palming or carrying the ball, which he does regularly. Bad time to decide to get picky on the traveling call.

Bad time to get cute by Macon and Bardford late! That’s not what lost the game. The free throw line beat the hogs.
24 to 5 in points. Attempts 40to 12.
Our bench failed to show up again.

Army hog you are so right. They loss because of there free throw shooting…If they had just made 4 of all the missed shots they would of won…If coach Anderson does not put the hammer down on them there will be a lot more loss games.

Lack of free throws was the biggest factor in this loss, but we didn’t rebound well either, especially late…

We are NOW the hunted and getting everyone’s best game. We played a very tough 2 OT game on Saturday that got into our legs. UT lost last night too. I think that UT game had a lot to do with this loss where the intensity wasn’t there for our guys. Some of our best FT shooters missed shots badly. Barford looked tired early and never had that burst. We have had more TO’s at UT and MSU which appears to be us trying too hard and there is some lazy passing. Trey Thompson has had 2 bad games in a row which makes Gafford play too much. One thing that everyone forgets is that MSU played extremely good defense…with the refs help too.