I love watching Keuchel

He is so good, and he pitches to contact. The Braves have turned two 5-3 double plays.

I’ve been trying to pull for the Cards, but in THIS game it is really hard.

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I attended his initial pitching assignment for the Braves in Atlanta.

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I pull for the Braves anyway. Never been a Cardinals fan. I guess it goes back to super station days and Braves playing on the west coast so much. My family would not let me watch baseball on our “one” TV. So my chance was after they crashed. Only baseball back then late at night was often the Braves.

That’s how Daddy became a Braves fan. They were on TBS so much and he could watch almost daily. Although, I’m not sure that he ever gave up being a Cardinals fan.

Keuchel is old school. He doesn’t throw hard, but he is a pitcher. He is a guy who could pitch 9 innings like the old days. Today, the pitchers are huge and throw as hard as they can for a few innings and then leave for a shower. It is no coincidence the batting averages are in the tank. Guys can hit .220 and still keep their jobs. The shift and the pitchers are really affecting how the game is played, and in my view, not for the better.

MLB has tried to juice up the game with the golf ball they call a baseball, but that has just made it worse. Strikeouts or home runs…nobody steals a base or hits a double.

I don’t really have a pro baseball team now, but like so many I was a Braves fan as a kid because of the exposure on TBS. The Braves had some great teams when I was growing up. John Smoltz was my favorite pitcher to watch for a long time.

Love my Braves! lived there for 30 yrs and always loved going to the games!

My favorites were The Crime Dog and Greg Maddux. I was also a Dale Murphy fan. Never quite came around to Chipper Jones. Can’t say why.

Got to Atl in the mid 1980’s when they were real bad LOL.I used to leave my house at 645 get to stadium around 715 and pay I think 15$ for Field level ticket and sit about 20 rows behind Ted Turner LOL…great memories! loved Murphy,Horner…Loved Smoltz,Maddux and Chipper also.
Rod Gilbreath was way up in Braves organization and he grew up in my neighborhood in Ms.He got me some real good seats when I asked him but tried not to bother him too much since he was so busy

I sat in the sixth row behind home plate with John Smoltz hit his first home run as a rookie (perhaps his first full season)…my tickets were general admission and way away; no one cared that my office mates and me sat near the umpire as total attendance was less than 6,000 folks.

It was a very different time. But, it’s still nice to see a Hog on the Braves mound (rather than playing for Detroit, or Boston, or somewhere else.

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My older brother Butch (now a Tuscaloosa resident) lives and dies with the Braves. He got hooked during his 12 years living in Aiken, S.C. He drove to Atlanta for many games. He didn’t care if it was a day game and 95 degrees. He went. I’m sure that watching on TBS got him hooked. I’d guess that all of the Braves games are on TV in both Aiken and Tuscaloosa. If not, he would buy whatever package it takes to see them. I get texts from him at times. One came after Freddie Freeman homered off the White Sox. My friend James McCann is the Sox catcher. Butch knew that. He said when I’m hunting with McCann this winter to ask him what Freeman’s blasts looked like sitting at home plate. I told him that’s not a nice thing to ask someone in a duck blind – or anywhere else. Fans can be mean spirited, right?

Yes the Braves have come a long way for sure! there was always about 4-5K in attendance back in the mid 80s :slightly_smiling_face:

Cardinals. From birth until now.

Hear, hear…before your time, listening to the KMOX night time broadcast as a kid on the transistor radio, Harry Caray and Jack Buck. :sunglasses:

When I was in high school I had an LP of Harry and Jack’s calls of the '67 season (mostly Harry). I sure wish I still had that and could get it copied to a digital file.

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The transistor AM/FM radio under the pillow late at night listening to the Cards play on the West Coast are some of my best memories.

Didn’t think my late parents knew about that and I was getting away with something when I was supposed to be asleep, but they both said they knew what I was doing and that just wasn’t of the battles they wanted to fight.