I love watching Destiny Slocum on the basketball court

When she’s starting a fast break, or got a step on her defender in the half court, Destiny’s an absolute blur to the basket. She was especially fun to watch against LSU in the Bud.

After watching her in that game, it dawned on me that she is, to the Lady Razorbacks, what Devo is to the men’s team. Both set the up tempo pace time and time again for their team. Both are fearless on the court.

I also like it that Destiny almost always has a big smile on her face, like Devo. They both look like they genuinely love to play the game of basketball every minute they are on the court.

And, Devo, should you ever read this, it is a big complement to you to be compared to Destiny.

I also watched the game. Way to go girls I’m all in on women’s sports.

I enjoyed the game as well. It was actually played at LSU yesterday, not at Bud Walton.

You are right of course. Don’t know what I was thinking.

Slocum = Motor!

She was in the ZONE!

She has the 3 working, too. That helps her off the bounce. Can’t give her any space.

Don’t want to disagree at all…but while Devo and Destiny both have quickness…Destiny is by far a more polished player. Devo will be one day…but Destiny reminds me of an Isiah Thomas (pick which one). A blur…but can also pull up or nail the three. And she’s small.

She and Chelsea have a great future in the WNBA. Can’t wait to watch them for years to come.

She’s amazing. The ball is on a string when it’s in her hands.

Slocum isn’t showing up on any WNBA mock drafts. She was projected as a top-8 choice two years ago but elected to be a Beav for one more year. Maybe things will change through the tournament, etc.

I saw one yesterday on ESPN, I think. It had Destiny as the #1 pick in the 2nd round. Chelsea as the #10 pick in the 1st round.

" she is our density" — George McFly.

That is really weird, because during the Hog/Ole Miss broadcast I am certain they mentioned Destiny as a first round pick in at least one mock draft they were citing. In fact, if I remember correctly, they had her going two slots after Chelsea, which shocked me.
Amber wasn’t mentioned at all. Amber is probably not athletic enough in the eyes of the draft gurus. Though she is crafty, and a shooter like that can always help someone.

She is so quick with the ball. The women’s team is fun to watch. Dungee and Slocum are a great combo. Daniels is steady. Ramirez, when she is hot, is an explosive 3-pt shooter. Thomas battles inside and I really like how Barnum has played the last several games. Q. Davis is a great athlete with a bright future. Mason is solid off the bench.

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