I love those OU uniforms

All it needs is a white running Hog on helmet. Our colors are identical. I’m sure we’ll come out next year with some freakish trend promoted by Nike.

I know a lot of (mostly older) fans like the traditional look. And I love the traditions Arkansas has, including the uniforms, but you have to understand that young kids like flashy things. I am a teacher at a very talent rich area in Florida. Most of my students don’t have family that went to college or have any loyalty to any brand. What they do like is flashy looks and flashy players. Think of every recruit that does a photo shoot on Official Visits. How many are wearing the traditional uniforms? It’s always the black uniforms or the red with the helmets we wore in the liberty bowl a few seasons ago (the red metallic ones)

Almost every school throws alternate uniforms out on the field now (including Oklahoma)

Most teams outside of Oregon wear the traditional uniforms in bowls though.

You should. Jim McKenzie was hired off the Hog staff to coach OU and brought those uni’s with him to the Sooners. OU is wearing our unis. Go Georgia!

Mhrazor we don’t have any traditional uniforms for those kids to wear during their photo shoot. We wore the 64 throwbacks in 2014, but other than that, we’ve been 100% non traditional since 2007. Where are the Top 15 recruiting classes that are supposed to come with these flashy uniforms?

To me the “traditional” uniform is the red tops, white bottoms combination with red helmet (I was born in 1990).

And winning trumps uniforms all day. That’s why bama can get away with zero flash. I’m just trying to shed some light on why schools have the alternate uniforms. I promise you, most my students don’t know anything about Arkansas but after they wore the anthracite against Florida and pounded them they all came up and high fived me and wanted to talk about the uniforms. Didn’t care they throttled them 38-10, they wore cool uniforms and won a game, all they needed to see

With the OP. Classic and excellent.

Too bad you won’t see them any mote this year.

Way to go dawgs!!!

And I loved seeing those unis get beat. :sunglasses:

First we have posters loving Texas’ coach. Now we are pining for the OU uniforms. What’s the world coming to?

Colors are not identical. OU is crimson, like Bama. Slightly darker than our cardinal. And they have some freakish uniforms too, like some last year that were supposed to look like wood as in the Sooner Schooner.

I think the official OU shade of red is Cherry, not Crimson. Of course the differences between Cherry, Cardinal, Crimson and Garnet are hard for most folks to discern. I think the OU Cherry is a little closer to our Cardinal than the Bama Crimson.

A few years back a worker at the University of Arkansas made a good point that I had not considered. At the urging of Nike, programs across the country, including Arkansas, had slightly altered their colors, making the various shades of red (cardinal, crimson, etc.) difficult to distinguish from the others. This made it to where Nike was able to use the same shade to produce apparel for all of those schools.

Example below:

The uniform suppliers have been doing this for quite a while now. I started noticing about the time Long called for us to “update” our color code several years ago. Probably at the urging of Nike.

Also, there is a commonality with the uniform designs themselves. Look at our 2008/2009 uniforms and compare them to Mississippi State’s (both schools were with Adidas at the time). Identical except for color. At the time, many made a big deal about those “tusks” on the jersey. That description (loosely) fit for Arkansas . . . but I don’t know what they were doing on Tiger uniforms. However, from a practicality point of view, it allows Nike to generate the same type of uniform for many different teams using the same patterns, which saves them money. It’s very obvious across college football today.