I love the Unsubscribe posts

My beef with the unsubscribe farewell posts are the occasional shots at Clay…or Duds…or whomever. I wear my heart on my sleeve, don’t get me wrong. And I have a temper that I have to try to keep in check. I am far, far from perfect. I have literally yelled at people that I teach or work with and have had to go back hat in hand and offer a sincere apology. I am no angel. I make mistakes and then try to correct them.

But public shots at people to me is part of what is wrong with the world right now. Especially when those shots are made via twitter, or facebook, or some other social media platform.
Its total lack of civility. You have a beef with someone, pick up the phone. Or send a private message. This culture of taking public shots at people diminishes us all.

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I have to take the heat. No worries here. I remind myself a lot of times that I’m 66 and I’ll be done soon, so don’t worry about it. And, I have such great support. Wife, daughters, son-in-law, friends, that I am wrapped up in a soft blanket most of the time.

If and when I get some criticism in that circle, I know I better pay attention to it. Because they love me and I know they are going to be right with those thoughts. Better listen to those who love you.


Truer words were never spoken Clay. Listen to those that love you.
Of course, you were brought up the right way. I never knew your dad…I just felt like I knew him. But I imagine both your dad and mom were wonderful. Mine certainly were. I was so lucky.

I hope my daughter says the same!

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