I love the Unsubscribe posts

In the 18 years or so I’ve been on this board, there have been some classic “Unsubscribe” or “Cancel my Membership” posts. I’ve always wondered about the motivation for them. Are the posters hoping to be talked out if it? Fishing for compliments or validation? Just a general cry for help?

I don’t get it. It looks to me like if someone were so fed up with the board they didn’t think it was worth the money, then they would just leave. Or maybe send a PM. Don’t understand the need for the big panties in twist, take my ball and go home speech.


Can we call them opt-out threads this year?

In the future, I think they should be scripted.

In careful consultation with those close to me, I have decided to opt-out of the board for the remainder of the 2020 season. Respect the decision.

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Frustration is my take and I get it but we have to deal with reality that getting better is taking longer than we would like after the past five years. 3-6 will still get you fired in this world,

Big babies looking for attention is my guess!


Always got to get a parting shot in, if you want to leave just leave.

Wonder if the unsubscribe post is kind of like the quandary of the tree falling in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise? If I quit the board and don’t announce it, will anyone miss me? I know the answer in my case, so I guess I would be inclined to spare myself the humiliation.

Maybe to let jerks know what they think about them. I am in the process of deciding if this board is for me. Not sure of the fit I am one of those low life hogville posters. Heck even a poster on 247 and Hawgbeat. I find it interesting that you started a topic about those that unsubscibe to bash said unsubscribers. Kind of tells the type people who post on here.

Well when we’ve seen the same stuff for 20 years it gives us all a laugh. Many of us know each other on here and have for a long time. It’s one big tailgate. Strangers are certainly welcome but if you don’t feel that way then maybe it’s more about the poster than the forum (tailgate).

Damn I am a joke to you and your buddies…Man that hurts not sure I will be able to keep living. Maybe I will just go out and kill myself. You have a real problem why not just message me since you know who I am? I think you are trying to bully me off this board. That’s the main reason I am still here. I don’t run.

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Look, in all genuine honesty, the one thing that we all share is that we want Arkansas to win. We can disagree on everything else–even how we lose, or ways we can improve. But, as long as we respond to each other with the understanding that we all want Arkansas to win, I don’t see the need for anyone to leave the board. In fact, I really don’t want anyone to leave. I love hearing people talk about stuff that seems out of left field to me and then later I find that they were right. I think that’s hysterically fascinating.

Like the thread about Franks not starting–I thought that came out of nowhere, and then, low and behold, they announce, “Franks is out.” I looked at my wife and just laughed. I said, “How the heck did the poster know before those in the know knew?” She, of course, had no idea what I was talking about, which also made me laugh.

Stop unsubscribing and don’t leave. Stay with us, because we want everyone to be here with us for when we start celebrating winning as an every-week affair.


Man good post. You are what is right on Arkansas Message boards.There are a lot of you out there.

I was responding about the general post not about you. We get a laugh out of the unsubscribe posts. The second part of my response was general response about those that feel like an outsider. I hope you don’t run. I hope you stay. I hope you will appreciate us as much as you want us to appreciate you.

Stick around, throw some mud… we’re all nasty Hogs.

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LOL I think I will. I hope the guy that started this thread sticks. He’s a Hog he should be welcome here. One thing I said that has everybody upset. I might back off the quitting I watched a little bit as much as I could stomach. Just lack of strength and explosion. Marshal has played so many snaps he’s worn down but he always gives effort. Just overpowered and held a bunch their oline on one play where the RB ran for a long gain had both arms around Morgan an the official was right behind them. Anybody else go back and look?

I’ll change from quitting to just plain overpowered. Also held and a lot.

I respect that thought a lot DawgHOG. You obviously know a lot about the game and contribute to this board. Glad to have you.

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You can pick any of the last 4-5 games at least and see a lot of holding from our opponents. Very few are called. Seems like it’s part of their game plans.

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I have a good friend who made All America in college and played in the NFL as offensive tackle. He told me he was taught at every stop to hold until flagged or one of his team mates was flagged. ty would then backoff some for a few plays and then start to ramp up again. He said in the NFL, they actually practiced holding. They had a book on each official and pretty well new what they could do.

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I’ll guarantee the coaches look to see who is the umpire and know what they can and can’t do. The referee and the center judge can both call holding, too. The all can, I guess. But those three are where most of the holding calls come from – referee, center judge and the umpire. Steve Shaw’s nickname at times was the “holding referee” because he called a bunch of holding penalties.

As far as what goes on here, I am fine with criticism or disagreements, especially towards me. I do not ever think it’s personal (even if it might be in other eyes). It’s just part of the job.

As far as Franks, I knew they would give him an injection Saturday morning and he was going to try to play. I figured it was highly likely he would try to play. I think he wanted to play. I give credit to Pittman and Briles to make a decision that it wasn’t in his or the team’s best interest to play. You never know how that’s going to play out.

Franks did not make the bus trip with the team on Friday. He flew up Saturday morning on a jet. They did that so he could have the injection in Fayetteville. Who knows? Maybe they wouldn’t give it in Columbia. Do you need ultra sound to give an injection in the rib area? Not sure. You don’t want to puncture a lung.

I think Grant Morgan was in a position to sit a few games early this year with his dislocated elbow. He made the decision not to have an MRI. He didn’t want to know. He was not going to get an MRI and have someone else make a decision that he couldn’t play. I have so much respect for him. I’ll have more to say on that a little later. He is so tough. Takes a lot to keep him off the field, as it does Franks, too.

Franks has battled through so much this season that most of us don’t know. So when there is a path to play – even if if it’s narrow – I figured he was going to play.

And as far as not saying some of this on Friday or Saturday, you need two sources to write something. I’m not going to write it with one source and then it’s wrong. That’s my training and I won’t change. Turned out my one source was correct, that he was going to take an injection and try to warm-up and play. I just figured he would play at that point.