I love the Softball Coverage..

Thanks a lot for taking the time. It’s great to follow some of the less popular sports.

We are happy to do it. There was no doubt in mind we needed to send Scottie over to Oklahoma when Arkansas advanced last week.

Coach Diefel has made a remarkable turnaround to the women’s softball team.
No matter how the super regional plays out this is another exciting aspect of the hogs athletic department.
Recruiting will improve and the team will get better! They need to pay the coach in order to keep her!

The ladies just went down in Norman.
Hogs 2
OU. 7
Nerves and 3 errors hurt today. Man they are fun to watch. Get em tomorrow

Watching this game brought memories of Larry Johnson telling Nolan that he needs to get some men. I am hoping Notorious Pig will react to this.

Deifel said they played nervous. That, and the Paperclips are just really good.