I love the fact

That little ol’ Arkansas has won as many nattys as the ENTIRE state of Texass.


I hope it stays that way… :grimacing:

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Not looking good, LD. So far, we’ve played Baylor better than any other team in the tourney.

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Nova led Baylor at halftime then BU completely dominated the second half. But their final margin on us was less than anyone else.

Plus we did have the lead cut to 4 at one time in the last 10 minutes

We got it to 4 points late, and then went cold. I guarantee Baylor respects us more than any team they have played in the tourney up to this point. Much more than Villanova.

I don’t see an NBA All Star in this game, but I see a team in green that looks an awful lot like what Muss is trying to build here. You can never have too many good guards in college basketball.

Zags have cut it to 10 and Baylor is getting in some foul trouble. It might become a game yet.

The Zags never really got a run going. If they can get a run or two in, they can still win this game.

I hope they do.

thought i was watching a rerun of our game the way Baylor got up on them like 23-10 at one point

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not a Baylor fan. I despise the things they have gotten away with, and I think Drew is just as dirty as Wade, Pearl, Howland, Self, and Calipari, but if Baylor wins this game, I think it comes down to playing in a really good conference.

We were only down 64-60 and had an open look at a 3 and missed. We were definitely closer than any of the others that late in the game.

Baylor won the game because they played better than Gonzaga did last night. Period. Conference affiliation doesn’t mean jack. The Big West of 1990 was considerably worse than the WCC of 2021, but that didn’t stop UNLV from putting a 30-point whuppin’ on Duke in the national championship game. Gonzaga sought out quality NC opposition (including Baylor, which was canceled due to COVID) and thrashed all of them except West Virginia.

Fun fact: UNLV’s margin of victory over Duke that year was the same as their first-round margin over UALR 17 days earlier. Beat the Trojans by 30, too. But they only squeaked out a 2-point win over Ball State in the Sweet 16.

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