I love Paul Rhoads

I am so excited about his hire as DC. Our secondary improved last year. We saw more man coverage than ever before and more corners actually looking for the ball.

I think we will have a good defense this year. Maybe not great, but it isnt going to be a repeat of last year.

I also think Coach B had this scenario in mind when he hired him last year.

Secondary was somewhat better. But the defense – this head coach’s defense – was deplorable. He’d better get it right with Rhodes or the head coach is likely gone. It’s inexcusable how bad this defense was against Auburn, Missouri, VT and so on. Especially given the way this head coach says he likes to play football.

You must have read the article linked. He readily admits it.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … gs-201701/

If the quote below from the attached link is the head coaches’ response to the defensive problems, I am mystified as to how that solves anything defensively.

“I had a pretty comprehensive meeting with our staff about personnel and where we’re going to go, moving some people around, dual-training some guys,” he said. “And a chance to just really be hungry and excited, and that’s where we’ve run with it.”

Nothing said about elevating the talent level of the squad, just move 'em around and dual-train. Paul will no doubt be an improvement, but he will suffer the same fate as Smith if defensive talent across the board is not upgraded. JMO

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … gs-201701/

Actually, I thought this when he hired Rhoads last year. It made sense. CRS had a rough 2015, bring in a seasoned DC, if he struggles again, you have a ready made replacement.


There have been a LOT of articles talking about Coach B knowing he had to step up recruiting. Coach B isnt as stupid as all of you professional coaches think he is.

He knows he needs to improve talent and by all reports he started it with last years class and continued into this years class.

Coach Rhoads isnt stupid. He knows there is more to improving defense than moving people around.

It amazes me how smart message board posters are and how stupid professionals are.

CBB can talk all he wants but he’s got a long way to go getting Jimmy and Joe’s on that side of the ball.

What amazes me is how quickly some move to trying to insult posters when one doesn’t like the message.

Now, if the head coach really wanted to be or sound professional he might just have outlined how any highly rated recruits that were redshirted and any in the '17 class would be used to up grade the on-field product. But no. We got the dreaded coach speak.

To start with, you can’t talk about any 2017 commits that aren’t signed yet. That would be an NCAA violation

He has talked several times about the 2016 redshirts and how they will help next season.

He has talked about the 2017 early enrollees and how they will help next season.

I’m sure if we had asked him - again - about those guys on Saturday, he would have answered that as well.

But since we had already talked about it, it seemed like there were more questions that needed to be answered about other subjects.

Posters are attacked on both sides - whether you are positive or negative - and to act like that doesn’t happen on both sides of the aisle is just disingenuous.

We ask you guys and gals not to do that, but not a lot listen.

Debate the issues, don’t attack each other. That’s so middle school.

Guys, I get the desire for upping the talent level, but remember, the core problem is the inconsistency. They played really well at times-- that to me tells me they have the ability to play well and it’s not a talent problem. It’s something else.

I’'m aware he can’t name 2017 recruits but he can certainly indicate that help is coming, if indeed it is.

I read a fraction of the articles the insiders post and the info you cite here I’ve not ever seen or heard.

I did read the Paul Rhoades article and can only repeat what I think about his comments after his 48 hour pull back after the Belk Bowl. His solution after his coaches meeting to discuss next year, I guess, was moving some folks around and retraining. Which amounts to coach speak. And actually weak coach speak at that.

Other comments in the linked article attributed to CBB indicated to me that he has no real idea how to get more consistent performance from his team. If it’s lack of discipline, lack of talent, lack of depth or whatever the problem actually is, if he knows, it can be discussed without hammering any one individual. Maybe you should ask him that question.

Dudley, I’m puzzled about your disingenuous comment, if it was aimed at me. No reference from me, at least, about negative or positive posts or pretending attacks are one-sided. And I certainly did not attack the poster merely referenced his need to attack me after reading my post.

If you’re lecturing me you are a bit off base, IMO.

I will say this. I do think there needs to be some moving around on the defensive line to put some people where their talent can be really utilized (ie. Sosa should have been on the edge all year in my opinion)

Agree with you.

I hope Rhoads does a good job and I’m glad a lot of the Razorback fans are excited about him. Don’t count me as one of those who think Rhoads is a great hire. I seen him perform in the past, especially at Auburn, and I am not impressed. We could have done better (or maybe we can’t).

Every coach in the universe is always trying to upgrade the talent level. It’s the basis for everything they do. Now, I don’t think he’s ever said, “We have enough talent to get this done. We can recruit at the same level.” What he’s said is that they didn’t recruit enough linebackers in some classes, or have enough safeties. I do think the strength of the defense going forward lies in the 2016 class that includes Briston Guidry, Jonathan Marshall, McTelvin Agim, Giovanni LaFerance, Alexy Jean-Baptiste, De’Jon Harris, Austin Capps, Deon Edwards, Dee Walker, Michael Taylor and Micahh Smith. These guys are more likely to make an impact in the coming spring than those in the 2017 class that he can’t talk about yet.

True. To play as well against FL & as poorly against Auburn(not to mention to 2nd half collapses in the last 2 games after dominating in the 1st half) seems to suggest that talent wasn’t the only problem. Poor chemistry, lack of leadership & poor coaching must factor in.

We all loved Smith three seasons ago, so I’ll wait on the love for Rhoads well into next season. We gave up 39 rushing touchdowns last year which ranked 128th. He was part of the staff and his secondary did seem to be slightly better than the previous year but that’s not a resounding endorsement considering where they were at. I do have hope with the move, but a whole lot of factors need to change in a dramatic way to show improvement to the point of even being mediocre (which I would love).