I love Muss for sure

but I’m mystified why he stubbornly refuses to call to’s just because…well, just because. If nothing else, our guys could have used a blow late in the game tonite. But, for certain they needed to be settled down; they were rattled, not mentally into it, and were prime for some fatal mistakes - which happened.

Having said, really proud of the team’s grit throughout in a very adverse environment.

I think he wants these player to be less dependent on the bench coach and Learn to think the game on the floor. They are more responsible for what takes place good or bad. It’s a great way to teach the game.

I understand that…as a general rule, but imo by rigidly sticking to it tonite, it might have cost us the game.

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I don’t understand not calling timeouts at the end of games with this team. If you have a dominant one on one player or a transition opportunity I can understand. But Jones dribbling around and jacking up a contested 3 is not a good idea. He also is too quick to run the shot click down with the lead. Tonight he was trying to run it down at the 2 minute mark with a 2 point lead. The shot clock is irrelevant at that point. I absolutely love what he’s doing with this team but that’s just a bit of a head scratcher for me.

I’m sure they learned something, but I would have preferred a timeout to ensure good execution. They were looking to the sideline and seemed confused.

Not calling the timeout doesn’t bother me. Jones having the ball in that situation does. I think we would be better suited to have Witt with the ball driving with the ability to dish to an open player. Jones is shooting it every time whether he has a good shot or not in that situation. He did hit the GT shot but it was an awful shot. I do not say that to demean Jones I love his game. I just do not like him with the ball on top of the key and the offense being initiated by him.

I personally don’t have a problem with the ball being in Mason’s hands in late-game situations. I’ve written before he’s shot nearly 50 percent in his Arkansas career in crunch time (less than 5 minutes in 2H, OT). What I didn’t like was that he obviously settled. He made up his mind he was going to work himself into a 3, and it turned out to be a more challenging shot than he initially thought.

I would have liked for him to try to attack the lane and make his defender make a play. He’s scored 16 times off the dribble inside the arc this season by my count - 9/15 moving left, 7/9 moving right. If he drives and gets a whistle, he’s money at the line.