I love DVH

…can’t think of another person I’d rather have at the top of our Baseball program, and that’s a fact. I really like his character, demeanor on the field, the assistants he hires…everything. I want him here for 10 more years and I think he’ll get us a championship or two along the way.

However…having said ALL of that…I can and sometimes do disagree with him. And today was one such instance.

IMO, this loss is at his feet. And I said so (have witnesses) as soon as I saw Wiggins was coming in for the 9th inning.

Wiggins is a specimen, and has a golden arm. One day soon, I hope he will learn to use is to not just throw fast, but to pitch. But he’s not there yet.

Ironically, I was in full support of having him start tomorrow’s game, as was (apparently) penciled in. Why? Because, if he got in trouble and gave up 3 or 4 runs, we’d still have several innings to rally (as we have done all season long).

However, in this situation, it was do-or-die…there is NO opportunity to come back from a bottom of the 9th mistake. The young man just isn’t ready for that kind of situations yet, ESPECIALLY in a game this important.

So…I loves me some DVH…but I put this loss on him. Just the way I see it.


I agree. I got nervous when he came in. Had a sick feeling when allowed the lead off man to reach. Almost knew we’d lose when he walked the next batter. However, even I didn’t expect the next pitch to be a walkoff HR

I agree! Something told me that we were in trouble when Wiggins couldn’t get an out.
I was hoping for a DP. They may have scored one, but with two outs it may have ended differently.

Agree. And what made it even more perplexing to me, was that Costeiu had looked so good in his 1 1/3 inning. Yes, he gave up a solo shot, but he struck out the other 4 batters he faced and hadn’t issued a walk. I thought certain DVH would start the 9th with Costeiu and leave him in until a runner got on base. Heck, the way he was pitching, he may have got a 3 and out.

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Costeiu was pulled because he has not pitched well after a couple of innings. The hope has been that he can stretch out to a three-inning reliever, but he just hasn’t been able to do it in a game, and I’m sure the coaching staff didn’t want to try it out in such an important moment.

Wiggins, while he has struggled, has closed some games this season. It felt like a bad matchup, though, with how well Tennessee hits fastballs.

It’s easy to second guess when it doesn’t go right. There is no guarantee that Costeiu or Vermillion would have fared any better. The relievers have all been iffy behind Kopps and Monke.

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I understand that, but in this instance, he only pitched to one batter in the 7th. Just 3 pitches, I believe.

The apparent question remains why in the world do you wait until this time of the year to try the freshmen in that situation and not have a bullet warmed up with experience to save the game?
If he hasn’t been good enough all stinking year long why use him today with a 2 run lead bottom 9 on the road!

Wiggins was a closer for a portion of the season. This wasn’t his first time to close. It wasn’t his first SEC game to close.

Disagree with the decision, but don’t overlook the track record. He has been used late in close games multiple times this year.

I agree

But I agree because it didn’t work

I see it as a gamble which did not pay off
You gamble that if Wiggins comes in and gets it done, he gains confidence and you may now have another weapon for down the road. And Coach looks like a genius.

If you lose the gamble, you at least know where things stand going forward. I’m sure we don’t see Wiggins in a leverage situation again this year, and that’s disappointing.

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That’s correct, he threw three pitches in the seventh. The book on Costeiu is that is good for about five outs, then things have fallen apart on him.

Yeah, it’s tough to second guess DVH. I might have had a bad feeling with Wiggins coming in , but my feelings are poor reasons to do something in a ballgame. Every decision is a risk and we only know what we should have done after the fact

Sick about the result but if we win tomorrow it won’t really matter. But we need to win tomorrow

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I doubt Wiggins gained much positive from todays outcome.
Probably 80/20 from the bad side. It was all so pitifully bad.

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The bloop excuse me single was only the start. The walk and homer finished it off. Man it was just bad.

I like Wiggins potential but the kid has pitched 1 time in a month,tough to expect him to come in and get out the heart of the order on the road to win the series.He is basically a FB pitcher with not much command of it.DVH kind of rolled the dice and it didn’t work because no way you knew what to expect from him since he hadn’t closed in a month.

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FWIW, Arkansas was 31-0 when leading in the eighth before Saturday’s game.

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Normally, Kopps would have been the closer today and with his talent would in all probability have won and we would be 32/0!
The innings pitched yesterday wasn’t so much the issue. Difference yesterday was he wasn’t his usual dominating self.
He threw more balls than usual and struggled getting batters out as they kept fouling off balls, running his pitch count up. But in the end it was Kopps closing out the game.
Really missed him today.

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I also questioned it…for the exact reason Matt articulated–Tennessee seems to be a really good fastball hitting team. They had been all day.

OH well…VH knows more than I do. But I was like “what?”

I get the heartache, and hindsight gives everyone real focus and clear thinking. This game, in the total scheme of things, means little to the end goal of winning in Omaha. We could lose 3 of the next 4 and still be hosting. Better to lose this one before we put Wiggins in the pressure cooker in a playoff game. We stole the first Vol game and gave one back… net/net. Win Sunday and the world is bright and sunny again. This Vol team is good and deserves their ranking… so do the Hogs.


Win tomorrow and you meet the most agressive standard a reasonable fan should have - win the series.

Its not football, with 12-14 games. It is a slog through lots of games. You are going to need as many arms who have experienced pressure.

I am less worried with Wiggins’ appearance today than I am the workload on Kopps. I suspect they are relate - Wiggins’ appearance is about building up another late inning option.

Wiggins was in there because Kopps was unavailable to close after throwing how ever many pitches he threw Friday night. Pretty simple. If Kopps could have thrown, he would have been out there. (Looked it up: 66 pitches)