I love Devo

I think he will wind up being one of the best and most loved Hogs of all-time. And Jaylin Williams won’t be far behind. I also suspect KK will end up being the point guard we’ve all been hoping for. Sad that we will probably lose Moses, but the future is very bright for Hog basketball.

I know KK and his dad well. I haven’t asked him, but from knowing them he will transfer.

I would like to give a shout out to the portal. Tate had a big time drive and finish late and it was nice to have a seasoned portal guy at the line with the game on the line.

That would be a shame. He could really shine here.

On Devo, the guy he most reminds me of is Sidney Moncrief. His length and anticipation and effort is Sidney-like. He just gets better and better.

I saw Sidney play as a senior in high school. Devo looks remarkably like Sidney but with a better mid-range. Sidney just didn’t shoot much except layups in high school. Of course, he got a lot of stick backs.

Devo has great hands. And, he sees everything before it happens. He plays hard like Sidney.

It’s unfair to compare him to Sidney because of what Sidney became over his last three years at Arkansas. He got better every year – maybe by the minute. But that’s who I see when I watch Devo.


I see a lot Hawkins in him, lot of energy, good defender, rebounds, flys down the court, I think he has more talent than Hawk, and is smoother, but he has major upside. Major.

And again, when the 3 pointer becomes a regular part of his resume, he is going a major problem to deal with in the future.

Why would he transfer, because he couldn’t play this year injured?

Agree with the Sidney comparison. Both a little unorthodox in a way, but so exceptional because of extreme effort, athleticism, and skill honed with a lot of hard work. Devo has a heck of a pull up jumper in traffic that you just know is going in.

I’m glad some other folks are seeing the Moncrief comparison. That’s the athletic ability, motor and developing bb smarts I see. The college game is of course vastly different now, and Devo plays in a much different system, but the vibe is pretty similar.

The exciting thing tonight was the passing got a little better-and sometimes was done with a little flair.

I am starting to wonder if he will be here more than one more season. Probably depends on improving the handle a bit and getting the three point shooting up a notch or two.

I agree , Clay. He moves more like Sidney than any Razorback player I can remember. He is exciting to watch in the way Sid was.

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I can see the Sid comparison. No way would I want to put on any player that they were going to be in the same class as Sidney, but he sure plays similar.

I thought the Patrick Beverly comparison by the announcers last night was a good one as well.

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If Devo has just a little of each of these 3 - Moncrief, Hawkins, Beverly in his game he gonna be special.

I did too. When Dykes said that I thought “I can see some Beverley there.”

He plays like a young Client McDaniel to me… certainly, the upside is unlimited when he improves his outside shooting and I’m sure he will.

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Devo is a lot longer than Clint. And, he doesn’t shoot threes like Beverley. That’s why I think of Moncrief.

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I didn’t remember PB being that good a shooter but he hit 38% of his treys as a Hog. The arc was closer then, of course, but still that’s pretty good. Basically tried about 5 treys a game and hit 2.

He came to campus with a reputation as a 3-point shooter.

Yeah it’s funny how Beverly’s career has evolved. The big notoriety for him coming out of high school was as a big time scorer, with a great outside shot. That’s what he was recruited for and was utilized as for most of his time at Arkansas.