I looked up the Vegas line for tonight

Moo U was a 1 point favorite (oops) and the over/under was 57. Meaning we got the over all by ourselves.
If you know somebody in Vegas, tell them to grab some of the over for Friday. It won’t be high enough.

It was -1.5 to -2 all week. Dropped to -1 late when the sharps took the Hogs.

This is the 4th game we have won straight up as an underdog (3 as more than a TD dog).

I bet (pun intended) that it has been awhile since that happened.

The FPI has predicted us to lose pretty much every non-direction school game.

I have no interest in sports betting and don’t usually follow the line. Today when I got in my car, a couple of Vegas types were hyping their picks on The Buzz. Arkansas-MSU was their lock of the week. Said they had some inside information and basically said to take out a second mortgage and bet it all on their pick. Does anybody know who they picked?

They usually say both so they can say they were right.

I sure don’t, and a non better.
Just for kicks I’m guessing Arkansas…

I heard the same ad and wondered the same thing, I was a little tempted to call the number to see what they said, but only a little. Like you I don’t have any interest in sports betting.

My buddy Cody and I were both curious at the sports information trader pick that was advertising on the radio, so he called the number. The guy said they have Arkansas winning by 21. We thought they were out of their mind and Cody hung up the phone after the agent told him their pick.

Well, I guess he showed them what idiots they were. :slight_smile:

Early line for Friday is Hogs by 7.5 to 8. I don’t see an over/under number listed yet.