I’ll Start True or False for Dudley

True or false - you have knowledge that either Kiffin or Leach will be our next head coach…emphasized text

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True or False

Morris knew before W. Kentucky he had to win or was gone

HY did not want to fire Morris but was forced to by PTB/BOT

That Gus did have Arkansas as a fallback in case he was fired at Auburn

That Norvell has skeletons that scares off the U of A

That 8-10 true freshman/Morris recruits will leave

True or False
Dudley already knows who the new coach is?

True of False
Dudley is really a closet Lakers & Cubs fan, he just claims Boston and Cards in public so no one knows his true love.

True or False. Dudley loves the Steelers but openly pulls for the Cowboys to keep Jerry happy.

True or False:

Arkansas will pay top 10 money for top 10 program expectations.

True or False:

Arkansas will pay top 3rd of SEC money for top 3rd of SEC program expectations.

If so my admiration and respect for Dudley will know no bounds! #HereweGo


True or False- the 76ers will win game 7 of the NBA Finals on a Ben Simmons 3 pointer

False, he loves the Redskins

Absolutely true, seen him at Busch Stadium rocking Cubs gear while drinking a Corona without the lime


Most of our Decomitts are in a somewhat holding pattern awaiting the announcement of the new coach?

The coaching search can’t go beyond Dec. 9 without completely blowing up the December signing period. True or false?

Did CCM advise our recuits to decommitt after his termination?

Did someone associated with the UofA or the foundation buy CCM house as part of a settlement?

Was the recruiting slogan, TNA, CCM idea? Did this really cause problems with upperclassmen?

False. If asked to me bet the house that either one of those two guys will DEFINITELY be the guy, it would. But I would bet Richard’s.

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Chad morris got into some sort of altercation, be it verbal or whatever, after one of his last games, with a player. Not just any regular one that you’d expect either

True or false.

Answers are above next to questions

FALSE because there is no DONE deal, just a likely one.

I will go FALSE on both, because you used the word WILL and not WOULD.

To be in the top 10, the coach would have to be making $5 million a year.

While I think Arkansas WOULD pay that, I don’t think it WILL because there is no one worth that willing to take on the big-tie challenge that it is currently.

The same goes for the top third of the SEC, where five current SEC coaches are making over $6 million.

There is no use in paying that money unless you get somebody worth it.

FALSE. Although I don’t think it will, I will put the deadline to be Dec. 12

50-plus years with the Cardinals, Celtics and Cowboys so that is FALSE, FALSE, FALSE

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