I’ll go with

Self. Not a big fan but think he maybe available or may become available. Or may just be open to discussions.

Would be a nice get. I’d take him and the dark cloud.

Maybe a good time to call anyway.

He may end up with a show cause real
soon that may not be a good idea.


C’mon, it’s the perfect time. Pub and hype would be so high. It would be awesome. It would sell.

Self >>>> Sampson

At least we’d be getting a real coach.

Not sure of how ‘real’ of coaches they are. But they do pretty well with ‘real’ players.

I’m all in. Let’s fill the Bud.

I’m all for it

It would be a instant fill. Red-White game even.

I was good and still am with Sampson and Son, but may be tough. Pearl was my first choice but he’s fixin to get PAID. Not a Beard guy, but he’s fixin to get PAID too.

Self could get paid here. Nothing says you are all in more than any of these guys. Self is now my guy. Never been a fan of his, but I’m in now. Perfect time.

‘Real’ in the sense that Self’s at least done something, like win a nat’l champ, more recently than 2002, which is the last time Sampson did anything noteworthy in basketball.