I’ll give Devion Warren some props for

one thing.

He botched 2 big plays but one thing I liked is that he cares. It matters to him. He was angry. He came back and had a good KO return. And, he has some big play ability if we can actually get the ball in his hands in space.

But, for me, it at least seemed the care factor was there with him. We have to find those guys and play them.

Agree completely …

Hell has frozen over.

Yep he does care & always ready to redeem himself. Future team captain right there. Hope he doesn’t break a hand or worse when he’s mad.

His taking out his frustration on the sideline equipment was some of our best hits of the day. :roll:

He would have had better coverage today than what Pulley displayed.
Why does it take November for Warren to have a KO return than good! The same reason Jordan Jones hasn’t impacted much.
Warren cares and he is a hog but for the hogs to win they have to make plays which this team doesn’t do on offense defense or special teams.
I hope Warren is able to show some spark next season. Maybe he can take some of his frustration out on some of his teammates that could care less.

We actually agree quite a bit…beers after work this week?!?