I’ll get this fixed

In about 4 years

I believe any realistic Hogs fan new this was not going to happen quickly, but no one thought we’d see what we’ve seen this week, getting run out of our own house by North Texas.
The problem now will be whether or not the coaches are able to convince recruits to stick with a commitment and get other SEC caliber recruits to sign up for this rebuild for early playing time over opting to go to another school with an already established winning culture where they can compete for conference championships and possible playoffs.
It’s going to be a difficult sales job for the coaching staff if they continue to lose and lose badly which in conference play I can’t see them being competitive in more than a couple of games.

Go Hogs!

Actually several in the pickem thread picked N Texas to win and several by a healthy margin.

This is not a surprise to me after watching the Eastern Illinois game and seeing how poor how overall team speed/athleticism is coupled with poor QB play.

We should expect and be happy with 1-11 this year. Give the man time. Tune back in year after next — not this year or even next — but 2 years from now — and by gosh Morris will beat North Texas and the likes and maybe finally win an SEC game.

Hey all the pundits said North Texas was going to beat us — we should expect to lose to North Texas.

What’s wrong with you unrealistic ungrateful fans?!?!?!??!!


What the hell do you mean we should be happy with 1-11, I’ve heard some far out stuff on this board but that takes 1st place for something and it ain’t smarts.