I’ll create a little controversy here - Terry Wells went from “I will commit on the spot” if offered by Hogs

to “I need to see what my options are” after getting an award at the US Army combine. He will be another Stacy Andrews

I am not going to worry about OL recruiting under Pittman.

And how many times did I hear that under BB? 1,000 at least. I am always going to be worried about all phases of recruiting, but the line in particular.

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Isn’t he like…16?

At this moment, the speed with which he gets back with me and my conversation with him would lead me to believe he’ll end up here.

But we’ll see.

I must have missed him saying that he would commit on the spot. I did see him say that Arkansas is where he wants to play.

Maybe he will commit after the three unofficial visits he has set up.

Maybe you are thinking about Stacy Wilkins, who ended up at Oklahoma.

I believe that he made the statement after attending a camp last year, and yes, it was Stacy Wilkins. Not slamming the kid, just thought this was another great example of the fickle nature of recruiting.

Isn’t Stacy Andrews Shawn’s brother who ended up at Mississippi? Did we try to recruit him?

I never worry about a kid’s commitment or what he says. Their a Razorback when they sign.
No worries :sunglasses:

Stacy, who is Shawn’s brother, did not play high school football and did not play college football until his senior year, when he got in five games with the Rebels.

He was a basketball player and shot and discus guy. I believe that Arkansas recruited him for track, but obviously not for football.

That decision to play football as a senior at Ole Miss proved to be a good one and led to him getting drafted by Cincy in 2004 and playing with several teams until 2011.

Wow. I did not remember that. Amazing a guy could not play football until a Sr. in COLLEGE and get drafted and play for years in the NFL. Amazing story.

Or maybe he’s thinking about Stacy’s mom. You know, the one who’s got it going on and probably does have better options.

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